School Store

Book Store and Cafe Hours

Cafe Hours are 7:30-7:45, then 8:20-10:30, then 1:00-3:00 Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Wednesday we are open 7:30-10:30 only.

Store Hours are 11:00-12:15 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  We are closed on Wednesdays.

As I manage both the cafe and store, I am only able to accomodate purchases/returns during the hours the store is open. Students and parents should let me know via email if they cannot make it to the store during these hours, I am usually able to find another solution to help the student acquire whatever item they need.  I try to alert the faculty, staff, and students via email if I need to alter hours for any reason.  

Thank you, and please contact me with any questions.
Tracy Bray
Bookstore Manager, Hopkins School
986 Forest Rd. New Haven, CT 06515
(203) 397-1001 x 102


List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • What if I purchase books at Hopkins Book sale, but then want to return them if I find less expensive ones, or decide to go with e-texts?

    This is absolutely fine! I require your cash register receipt, and if you purchased with a credit card, would need that card or card number. If you paid by check or cash, I would have to request the business office send a refund check, this can take up to 10-14 days to receive. The books must be in good condition (not bent or damaged) and not written in. We actually encourage that students wait until the first day of school to write their names in their books, just in case a reason for a return comes up.
  • Is it ok to purchase e-texts, or rent books from an online source?

    Yes, it is ok for Math and Science courses, and AP Human Geography in History. It is typically ok in other History courses, some Modern Language, and some Classics. You should check with your teacher on the first day of class for those subjects. The only department that does not allow e-texts or books on Kindles or other e-readers is English. You need to have the physical books for English courses.
  • Why isn't there a posting of families buying/selling used books?

    Unfortunately, the list became very unwieldy for the store to manage. There were many issues with the postings being sent - such as issues with high prices, condition, accuracy, etc. I felt it was better to simply post the books being repeated, and let families and students that perhaps knew each other from the same town, or teams, activities, etc. contact each other directly to arrange buying or selling books. Plus, there are so many options online for buying and selling used books; I thought that seemed like an easy route to take.
  • Does the school store allow billing?

    Unfortunately, we do not. We require payment at the time of purchase just like any other store.
  • We have one or more books that we were told were on backorder - what do we do?

    With our new system for giving each student his or her own book list, it is easy to prepay. We will note on the list that they prepaid, once the book arrives, I will notify the teacher it has arrived, and your student simply comes and picks it up. If you don't prepay, they just need to be able to call you for payment, or you can send a check made out to Hopkins School and signed, and I will fill out the amount and send home a receipt. I try hard to make sure the faculty is aware of backordered books and their status.
  • I can't get to Hopkins Bookstore during the hours of operation - how do I do returns, or purchase items?

    This may require some help from your child. I am open during lunch hours - specifically so all students should have the ability to get to the store. For returns, If they can bring the books and receipt, I can call for the credit card number to process the return. If acceptable to you, you can also send the card number via a text on your child's phone or written down, and I can process it that way (best if you are difficult to reach by phone).  We may also have to send a refund check through the business office, but again, I can start that process if I can just get the books and receipt.
    If you want to purchase items, please email me, let me know what you would like, and I will set the items aside for your child to pick up, or I can ship them to you.  Again, I would simply be able to reach you via phone to get credit card information to process the sale.