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Who We Are

Faculty & Staff Directory

Last Name:
Current Administration
Barbara Riley
Head of School
203.397.1001 x104

John Roberts
Assistant Head of School / History
203.397.1001 x122

David Baxter
Chief Financial and Operating Officer
203.397.1001 x225

David Harpin
Dean of Academics / Classics
203.397.1001 x121

Lars Jorgensen
Dean of Students / Head Adviser Class of 2016 / Math
203.397.1001 x302

Carla MacMullen
Dean of Faculty / Science
203.397.1001 x118

Pamela McKenna
Director of Admission
203.397.1001 x213

Thomas Parr
Director of Athletics
203.397.1001 x511

Susan Paton
Director of College Counseling
203.397.1001 x229

Linda Weber
Director of Strategic Marketing and Communication
203.397.1001 x431

Jedd Whitlock
Director of Development
203.397.1001 x425