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Creating and sustaining a culture where all members of our community feel valued and respected is central to our mission as a school. With the 2022-2023 academic year underway, we are looking forward to kicking off the school year programming with Spanish/Latinx Heritage Month, convening the recently created DEIJ Parent Council, and preparing for both Culture & Community Day and JS Community Day. 

If you have any questions or are interested in joining the DEIJ Parent Council, please contact Rebecca Flores Harper at 

We recognize that this journey is ongoing, and we are dedicated to building and sustaining a culture that fully embodies an anti-racist school community. The DEI Initiatives listed below aim to bring about this meaningful change to our institution and culture. 



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    We have been re-examining our curriculum to incorporate a social justice lens, de-center Anglo-European voices, and elevate all voices. This work has included a race and representation audit in our English and History Departments. Additionally, we created a new interdisciplinary course on social justice that ran in the Spring of 2022. See below for detailed progress by department. 
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    For the 2022–2023 school year, we will support $6 million in aid, and will aim to increase that aid each year moving forward.

    In 2022, we established a Fund for Social Justice, which provides annual grants to projects in four broad categories: student research, activism and internships, campus-wide events and speakers, and long-term programs with community partners.

    The advancement team will continue to define the various buckets of this fund for engagement and fundraising. 
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    After thorough research scouring many historical societies and libraries, Hopkins obtained clearer information surrounding the founding of the School, including the role slavery played in that history and the relationship between the School’s founders and the area’s Native population. At this juncture, we will connect with local historians in order to write a comprehensive and multi-lens timeline of events to contextualize our School’s history. Doing so will honor and acknowledge the many perspectives and lived experiences at the time, as well as recognize that Hopkin’s history lives within a larger picture that informs, impacts, and influences the school, its culture, and its community. 

    With the ongoing slow flow of the pandemic the past couple of years and a transition of new leadership, we look forward to reinvigorating the vibrant and robust Hopkins Black Alum Network (HBAN) programming. The Chairs for 2022-2023 are Alycia Powell ‘03 and Phil Stanley ‘81.

    During the 2022 Alum Reunion Weekend, we launched our first-ever Alum of Color and LGBTQ+ social hours, a tradition we look to continue in years to come. Relatedly, we aim to host zoom meetings for all Alum Affinity Groups throughout the school year to build connection, create networks, and strengthen and grow our community.

    The pandemic, over the past couple of years, has proved a great challenge by limiting or completely restricting access to neighboring schools. As such, our Director of Community Engagement is excited to continue previous goals as listed below: 
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    We will expand Pathfinder, our after-school and summer outreach and educational enrichment program focused in New Haven and Bridgeport, so we can broaden our impact on the children in the greater New Haven area. The four-year tuition-free program currently serves 120 students. We will devise a plan to fund a minimum of 200 students within five-years. 
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    During the 2021-22 school year, we founded the DEIJ Parent Council as a Subcommittee of the Hopkins Parent Association (HPA) in an effort to support our parent and family community around identity, culture, inclusion, and belonging. The co-chairs are Khalilah Brown-Dean P’26 , Miriam Gohara P’24 P’26, and Eliza Halsey ‘96, P’25 P’28. Be on the look out for upcoming events and programming. If you’d like to participate in the Council, please email Rebecca Flores Harper at 

    Newest Initiative: We will examine the particular mental health needs of our students of color and create tangible structures to support them.
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