Summer School 2020

JUNE 29–JULY 31, 2020

Lower School

for grades 3–6
The Lower School program is an age appropriate, five-week learning and enrichment program for elementary school students who will be entering grades three through six in the fall.

The Lower School summer session runs from June 29 through July 31.

Our teachers were selected for their command of core educational disciplines at this level (reading, writing, mathematics, art and science), their ability to work easily and effectively with younger students, and perhaps most importantly, their desire to ensure that learning continues to be both stimulating and fun.

Lower School Courses

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  • Mathematics & Computer

    The Elementary Math course is designed to provide both remedial help and enrichment according to each student’s needs and interests. A diagnostic pre-test is given to all students to ensure that the math concepts covered are age and grade appropriate. Problem solving and analysis using computers is an integral part of the Elementary Math Program. This class caps at eight students. Class meets in Thompson 105.

    Cost: $1,000
    Math and Computer 2, Grades 5–6: 9:00–11:00 AM, June 29 through July 31 (code #202) *This course is now full as of 2/10/20
    Math and Computer 1, Grades 3–4: 11:15 AM–1:15 PM, June 29 through July 31 (code #203) *This course is now full as of 1/29/20
    If taken in combination with Language Arts: Cost: $1,600
  • Language Arts 1 & 2: Reading and Writing for Success

    In each two-hour session, students in grades 3–6 will improve and enrich their language arts abilities. During the five-week summer sessions, students will read a chapter book or novel to work on oral fluency, vocabulary, story structure, and the elements of literature. These skills will be reinforced with projects, games, and activities that are fun as well as skill building. In addition, students will improve and enrich their writing abilities through free and structured writing. This class caps at eight students. Class meets in Thompson 106.

    Students in grades 3–4 (section 1) will focus on improvement in sentence completion, capitalization, punctuation, and the writing of a complete paragraph.

    Students in grades 5–6 (section 2) will focus on the styles of writing useful in self expression, persuasion, narration, direction and description will be some of the styles practiced.

    Both programs will work on writing in order to prepare and reinforce skills needed for success on standardized tests. Projects, games, and activities directed toward writing skill building will reinforce learning and bring excitement to the class.

    Cost: $1,000
    LA 1, Grades 3–4: 9:00–11:00 AM, June 29 through July 31 (code #204) *This course is now full as of 1/29/20
    LA 2, Grades 5–6: 11:15 AM–1:15 PM, June 29 through July 31 (code #205)
    If taken in combination with Mathematics & Computer: Cost: $1,600

Squash Program

The Hopkins Squash Camp is a co-educational instruction program which offers students an opportunity to strengthen foundation skills while acquiring the techniques necessary to improve or excel. Our instruction occurs in a positive, age-appropriate atmosphere conducive to both learning and fun.

Participants are grouped according to their age and ability and enrollment is limited to ensure that individual and small group instruction provide a superior experience. Expert coaching, always a hallmark of Hopkins athletics, focuses on honing existing skills and individual strengths. In addition, concepts and tactics are taught through game or match situations.

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  • Squash: Beginner and Intermediate, Levels I and II

    Open to students entering grades 3–12. Camp meets 8:00–11:00 AMJune 29 – July 17
    Forbes magazine named squash as the world’s healthiest game for its excellent physical and mental demands, low risk of injury, and lifetime availability. US Squash Level II coach, Brad Czepiel, and his staff of trained coaches and advanced players teach proper stroke mechanics, graceful court movement, and effective match strategy for new and intermediate players. Individual and group coaching, and a variety of on- and off-court activities inspire the budding squash player. A mid-practice video break allows campers a time to refresh for the final hour’s action.
    Equipment: Players are welcome to borrow Hopkins’ racquets, glasses, and shoes.

    Week 1: June 29–July 2, Cost: $200 (code #307)
    Week 2: July 6–10, Cost: $250 (code #308)
    Week 3: July 13–17, Cost: $250 (code #309)

    Courts open to campers and supervised by coaches 11:00-1:30 for extra play.
  • ROAR: Play Like a Girl - Girls-Only camp – one-week only

    Open to girls with at least one year of team or tournament experience. Camp meets June 29–July 2 from 11:30 AM–1:00 PM.
    Because our bodies differ from males’ –"we are not just small boys," writes exercise physiologist and ultramarathoner Dr. Stacey Sims in Roar – our shots, strategies, and movement differ. And thus, how we play and train differs. And for one week, we will develop that game and the techniques, attitudes, and habits that help us be our greatest selves.

    Coach: Whitney Stewart: Coach for Hopkins Varsity
    Competed in US, Canada, France & South Africa. Started at age 7. Won US & Canadian Softball Championships twice. Played #1 at Yale, All-American & All-Ivy. 

    Cost: $240 (code #313)
  • Advanced Movement Camp - one week only!

    Open to players with at least one year of team or tournament experience. Camp meets July 6–10 (Week 2) from 11:30 AM–1:00 PM.
    Getting to the ball is one thing; moving to the ball - and then off the ball - well is another. And it often differentiates the graceful, advanced player from the busy beginner. This unique camp introduces, practices, and rewards efficient, clean movement.

    Coach: Tom Pashley: Coach for Sacred Heart, Greenwich.
    Competed on the PSA world tour for 5 years. Played for England at junior European and World championships.
    Highest world ranking: 105

    Cost: $295 (code 314) 
  • Advanced Ball Striking - one week only!

    Open to players with at least one year of team or tournament experience. Camp meets July 13–17 (week 3) from 11:30 AM–1:00 PM.
    You are a good player who gets the ball back and can even control the court, but you know there are more options. This one-of-a-kind camp explores and explains how various racquet preparations and contact nuances can bring a new dimension to your game. Ideal for the player looking to move up.    

    Cost: $295 (code 315)
  • Squash: Advanced, Level III

    Open to experienced junior players. Camp meets 1:30–3:30 PM.
    Squash Level III builds experienced players’ fundamentals to help them get even more power, finesse, and success from their game. Each week focuses on central, critical skills, though other related on- and off-court elements will be addressed. Throughout, the camp makes an asset of Hopkins’ hot courts; the pace is high, and outright winners are very difficult, a combination that acclimatizes players to the long, creative points of advanced junior squash. Camp limited to twelve players.

    Squash Level III Coaches - TBA

    We select coaches based on their ability to communicate with and inspire junior players. We have had coaches from Trinity College, Yale College, and the PSA tour. We have found great success with coaches from A-level prep schools and private clubs.

    We maintain a 3:1 (or better) player:coach ratio, which is extraordinarily low.

    Week 1: Building game points
    Shot placements and sequences; accuracy work
    Drills working on technical constructs of the game
    June 29–July 2
    Cost: $320 (code #310)

    Week 2: Combining and adjusting strategies
    Setting up points
    Understanding and deploying tactics
    July 6–10
    Cost: $395 (code #311)

    Week 3: Matchplay
    Implementing tactics across a match
    Assessing and adapting
    July 13–17
    Cost: $395 (code #312)

    All squash camps meet in Hopkins’ six-court Kneisel Squash Center located at the top of the quad and most easily accessed via the 94 Knollwood Drive entrance.