The Heart of Hopkins
Virtual Auction 2021

Saturday, February 27
7:00–8:00 PM

About the Auction

We are pleased to announce our virtual auction THE HEART OF HOPKINS on February 27, 2021. This theme reflects our hope to support the Hopkins community in ways that not only strengthen ourselves, but enable us to enrich our neighbors. The Heart of Hopkins will be a services oriented, fun and fundraising event benefiting our beloved Hopkins faculty and staff, our student community service organization “The Maroon Key Society” (serving local agencies including the Connecticut Food Bank), and the Hopkins Parent Association. 

The online auction will begin February 20 and culminate after the virtual event at 7:00 PM, February 27. We are grateful for your enthusiasm and support!

Kristin Jordan P'22 and Betsy Priest P'21 
Heart of Hopkins Auction 2021 Co-Chairs


The auction provides important funds that the school uses for extra-budgetary requests that enhance the Hopkins experience. These are just a few of the recent uses of proceeds. Other examples are included in the letter above. These allocations are voted on by a committee of the Hopkins Parent Association established in the bylaws.

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  • Student Activities

    The student activity fee required of all families does not cover all of the student-led events that bring the Hopkins community together. The Auction provides annual support so that each grade level's student leadership can run activities for the class.
  • Parent Community Events

    While the Hopkins students have a close sense of community through being on the Hill together, the parents often lose touch with one another. The Hopkins Parent Association has placed a new focus on hosting inclusive parent events free of charge several times a year. These activities are funded by money raised at the Auction, and serve over 500 parents each year.
  • Facilities Enhancements

    There are always facilities enhancements that would be nice, but are not included in the budget each year. In conjunction with the Business Office, the Hopkins Parent Association has been able to recently provide for several unplanned upgrades that greatly benefit the experience of the entire Hopkins community, such as:

    Walter Camp Athletic Center Sound System: Essential to our bi-weekly assemblies and visits from renowned speakers, the sound system in the Walter Camp Athletic Center was recently replaced as a result of generosity at the Auction.

    Stone Lounge Admissions Refurbishment: As the first building prospective families enter, Stone Lounge was in desperate need of refurbishment. The Hopkins Parent Association provided the funds to purchase new furniture for the space.

    Hydration Stations: Supports Hopkins' goal to be sustainable and a responsible steward of the environment. The Hopkins Parent Association provided several stations around campus as a result of the Auction, which has decreased plastic water bottle use among the student body.
  • Head's Discretionary Fund

    This fund, supported each year by the Auction, allows the Head of School to provide funds confidentially to students with demonstrated need to provide for materials or attend activities, trips, and events not covered by financial aid that are integral to the Hopkins experience.

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