Reopening Hopkins

COVID-19 Planning and Preparedness

Hopkins School is dedicated to working together with public health experts and our state to maintain a quality Hopkins educational experience while keeping our community healthy. First, we must acknowledge the many uncertainties we still face as the pandemic continues to unfold. As its status continues to evolve daily, so does our understanding of the virus and its implications for operating a school. In response to this ever-changing landscape, we have designed a strategy to pivot between three learning models as public health guidelines and recommendations shift:

Fully In Person Model

(with all students and faculty on campus each day)

Fully Remote Model

(with all students and faculty engaged in synchronous distance learning)

Hybrid Learning Model

(combination of Fully In Person and Fully Remote)

Following several months of extensive research and work conducted by our Faculty and Staff COVID-19 Response Task Forces and a Trustee Task Force, we have begun the 2020-2021 school year in the HYBRID LEARNING MODEL. This model combines best practices from virtual and in-person instruction to create robust teaching and learning experiences in both environments. To achieve the same quality of education that defines Hopkins School, we have made significant upgrades to our facilities, technology infrastructure and sanitization protocols to support this model.

However, we recognize that for some families, there will remain obstacles of various kinds to sending their children to campus at all. For this reason, students have the option to only participate in classes virtually while we are operating in the Hybrid Model. If you would like your child to shift to fully remote, please contact your child's head adviser.

Click the links below to learn more about our Keeping Hopkins Healthy Plan, and how the Hybrid Learning Model will enhance community, reestablish connections and advance our teaching and learning, while adhering to safety protocols.


This plan was last updated on 12/3/20.

This plan will continue to be updated and refined as public health guidelines and recommendations evolve. 

Consulted Resources

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group
  • Connecticut's Department of Health
  • Yale School of Public Health
  • Connecticut Association of Independent Schools
  • National Association of Independent Schools
  • Fairchester Athletic Association
  • Malone Schools Online Network