Established in 1992, Pathfinder Hopkins School (formerly known as “Breakthrough New Haven”) is a two-year academic enrichment program that provides middle school students with the academic skills and intellectual confidence required to thrive in college preparatory high schools.


Summer Program: A 5-week intensive academic experience that includes four core courses: English (Shakespeare), Mathematics (Algebra and Geometry), History Research Workshop, and Topics in Science designed to hone students’ academic and organizational skills. Additional elective classes include computer programming, basic drawing, creative writing, Latin, and more!

After-School Program: A weekly series of supplementary classes that include computer programming, creative writing, robotics, and SSAT preparation classes.

High School Admission Counseling: In order to ensure that our students attend academically challenging high school programs that will prepare them to succeed for college, we assist our students and their families in applying to academically rigorous high school programs.


Our students attend public or parochial middle schools in the New Haven Metropolitan Area and Bridgeport. They are academically motivated, love learning, and have a strong desire to prepare for and attend college.