Instrumental Auditions

Students wishing to participate in one of our Instrumental Music ensembles must play a brief placement audition on the day of their Hopkins placement tests.  Please read the following information describing the placement audition requirements, and sign-up for a placement audition time by clicking on the appropriate link and following the instructions on the Doodle poll.  Students who play more than one instrument need only sign up for one time slot.
Part 1: Prepared Piece
To help us understand your technique and musicality, you will be asked to play a piece of music that you prepare and bring to the audition.  This piece can be a solo, etude, or other music selection of your choosing that features your instrument. Be ready to play about 1-2 minutes from your prepared piece that best shows your skill.  Keep in mind that your selection shouldn’t be something that you consider very easy, nor should it be difficult for you.  Rather, it should show your current technical and musical ability.
Part 2: Scale
To help us understand your sense of pitch and note relationships, please prepare a B-flat major or D major scale on your instrument.  Students may choose to play one or more octaves and may also choose to play arpeggios, though arpeggios are not required.
Part 3: Sight-Reading
To help us understand your note-reading and rhythmic ability, you will also be given a short, eight-measure sight-reading selection to play.
Your placement audition will last approximately five minutes.  It is meant to give the teacher an idea of what you’re comfortable playing and to give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the music program at Hopkins.  Space is open for all, though we may have to limit the number of certain instruments in some ensembles due to space and balance issues.  If you do not get your first choice ensemble, another music option will be made available to you.
Please follow the link below to sign up for a music placement time if you will be attending the Saturday regular placement test day.
Please follow the link below to sign up for a music placement time if you will be attending the Wednesday make-up placement test day.