Make A Difference

At Pathfinder, the contributions of high school and college students are a key part of our students’ success. If you are interested in a hands-on experience as an educator, there are two ways you can do it with us:

After School Program Tutor

The After School Program meets on Thursdays from 4:00pm - 6:30pm. Each tutor leads a group of 3-4 students through a 45-minute class. Courses have included computer programming, SSAT preparation, and Algebra, and History Research. Tutors will be required to attend weekly one-hour training sessions from October through December prior to working directly with Pathfinder students. Tutors will then work directly with students from January through May. To apply, please click the “Apply to Tutor Now” button above.

Summer Program Teaching Fellow

The Pathfinder Summer Program Teaching Fellowship is an teacher training workshop available to high school and college students who have demonstrated maturity, strong academic competence strong, keen organizational skills, and willingness to take the initiative. The daily Summer Program begins with a one-week orientation in late June followed by five weeks of classes. The typical day on campus begins at 7:45am and ends at 5:00pm. Teaching Fellows are required to assist teachers of the core academic classes (English, History, Math, and Science), co-teach an academic elective course, tutor students, serve as a faculty adviser to 7-8 students, supervise students during recess, study halls, and co-curricular activities, write evaluations of their students, and work collegially with their colleagues. To learn more and apply, please click the “Apply to Teach Now” button above.