Reopening Hopkins

Campus Life

School inevitably looks and feels different this fall. However, we have identified safe and creative solutions to support the mind, body, and spirit of each member of our community. We continue to explore ways to offer services and enrichment outside of the classroom to allow for self-expression and create the sense of community that is vital to the well-being of our students.

Calendar/Reopening Dates

Please see the updated one-page calendar for 2020-21 here.

All students and their faculty advisers attended an orientation session in early September with a focus on health and safety procedures. On Tuesday, September 8, the first official day of hybrid classes commenced.

Our student athletes participated in Return to Play Athletic Orientations in early September as well. The regular preseason was cancelled. Click here to read more about the cancellation of interscholastic competition this fall.


Transportation is proceeding with all bus companies providing Hopkins a full fleet of buses. In the City of New Haven, for example, First Student Bus Company is dedicating three buses to transport our students through the city. Under the hybrid model, students are on the bus half as often, but have twice as much room to accomplish social distancing. The system is therefore no less expensive, but it maximizes student safety on the days they are on the bus.

The bus companies are also:
  • Requiring face masks for students and drivers at all times.
  • Opening windows to maximize fresh air flow. (Windows may need to remain closed if outside temperature and weather conditions become unfavorable.)
  • Loading the buses back to front and exiting the buses front to back to reduce close interactions among the passengers.
  • Cleaning the seat surfaces after each run and performing a deeper cleaning each night.
The transportation schedule is similar to past years, with dismissals ten minutes after the end of the class day (3:40 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 2:40 PM on Wednesday) and again at 5:50 PM to accommodate after school athletics and drama.

Facility Modifications

To enable us to maintain six feet of physical distance in all spaces on campus, our facilities have undergone a considerable transformation this summer. These include:
  • Student and faculty workspaces have been redesigned to provide for proper distancing. Furniture in classrooms has been reduced and reconfigured, and large tables have been moved to storage and replaced with single-person desks.
  • Marked foot traffic patterns have been established in high-traffic areas within and between buildings to reduce congestion during passing times.
  • The dining room, Cafe, Weissman Room and all of Upper Heath (except offices and the School Store) have been outfitted with single-person tables and chairs to facilitate distancing during lunch service and open/community time.
  • We have tented outdoor spaces on campus to provide additional space for students during their free periods, with supervision.
  • We have upgraded our HVAC filtration system in each building by utilizing higher MERV-rated filters. Each classroom and office has been outfitted with a portable air purifier. We are utilizing several HEPA air cleaners, including units in the isolation space on campus.

Athletics & Extracurricular Activities


Athletics remain an integral part of the Hopkins educational experience. We recognize that the physical activity, camaraderie, and social bonding that happen during our athletic seasons provide healthy and rewarding experiences that contribute greatly to our students' overall wellbeing.

Though interscholastic league competition is cancelled this Fall, the Athletics Department offers a program of skills development and conditioning for athletes who normally compete in team sports, as well as a range of classes for students who prefer an informal physical fitness option. For each of our athletic offerings, we have "Play It Safe Plans" to outline health and safety protocols. 

Masks must be worn by all participants when traveling to and from athletic venues, during stretching, and close proximity situations (i.e., team talks, cool downs). Athletes must wear masks when they are not engaged in vigorous activities that cause heavy breathing, and are encouraged to wear masks when engaging in vigorous activity if it does not interfere with the athlete's ability to breathe. Athletes must keep their face masks on their person and easily accessible at all times. Coaches are required to wear masks at all times unless also engaged in vigorous activities. Masks must meet Hopkins mask policies (i.e., no gaiters, no mask with a valve, no using a shirt to cover your face, etc.).  

At all possible times during athletic programming, distancing from others of 6+ feet is encouraged. Social distancing and mask-wearing is also enforced in the locker rooms. At this time, the showers in the locker rooms are not available for use during/after the school day. Personal athletic equipment is used whenever possible, and all shared equipment is disinfected between users. 

Athletic programming takes place outdoors whenever possible. If outdoor practice is cancelled for unsafe or inclement weather conditions, we assign gym and/or classroom space where coaches can safely supervise classes/teams for the allotted practice time.  If afterschool outdoor practice is cancelled for unsafe weather conditions, student drivers and those with rides are allowed to leave campus after checking out with their coaches.

Extracurricular Activities
All student clubs and activities for the fall are running virtually with a few exceptions of those that need a physical space to produce their work such as The Razor, the Yearbook and Robotics. Faculty advisers work with student leaders to determine the best way to facilitate their club and activity work this fall.


In an effort to support our Hopkins community during this uncertain time, our student support and wellness teams regularly come together to re-engage all students, staff, and families in a safe and responsible way. We continue our focus on the whole-child and use our adviser system to establish new routines and further develop relationships while staying connected. Resources are shared on a regular basis to allow members of our community the opportunity to build and develop an understanding of how to continue to navigate through any future changes that may arise as well.

We are continuing our ongoing communication efforts with families while providing additional support for any students who are struggling or at risk. Information is shared with our community about the importance of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and mental health. Students continue to have access to our on-campus counseling support: Dr. Josh Brant, Clinical Psychologist and Linda Romanchok, School Counselor (both in-person and via Zoom). They check-in with head advisers and advisers to offer SEL and other related support activities for each grade level, as appropriate. As always, students who are in need of outside referrals for additional support are able to receive those from either Dr. Brant or Ms. Romanchok, as well.

Visitor & Delivery Policy

Visitors to campus, including parents, are limited and by appointment only. All visitors undergo the same health screening as students, faculty and staff before entering campus. Additionally, the Admission Office is conducting a virtual admission season, which greatly reduces the number of visitors to campus. 

Deliveries are made to the Forest Road lot and brought to the appropriate location on campus by our community safety staff.