Reopening Hopkins

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: This section will be updated regularly as more information becomes available.

How does Hopkins plan to open a fall semester safely?

Head of School Dr. Kai Bynum oversaw both school-wide and Trustee committees charged with planning our safe return to campus. As you might expect, there is no simple solution to the complex problem of reopening campus to hundreds of faculty, staff, and students in a manner that prioritizes health and safety. As we continue to address these logistical challenges, we will keep you updated at

Will tuition for the fall semester be reduced?

No, Hybrid Learning Model is as costly as a full on-campus experience due to expenses stemming from faculty and staff and rotating student groups present on campus daily. Other expenses include technology upgrades, facility modifications and enhanced daily cleaning of the campus.

Can I request for my child to be placed in either the Maroon or Grey group?

One of the primary factors in determining group placement, other than siblings, was the adviser groupings. In order to create the sense of community we are striving for, and to give students a sense of family while at school, it was determined that keeping each adviser group together was critical. This was a driving factor in arranging the groups and deviations from this cannot be accommodated.

Can students choose to take classes virtually?

We recognize that for some families, there will remain obstacles of various kinds to sending their children to campus at all. For this reason, students will have the option to only participate in classes virtually while we are operating in the Hybrid Model. If you are planning to keep your children home to participate in classes remotely this fall, please click here.

Will students be able to participate in classes from home if they are sick or quarantining?

Yes. If students are well enough to participate in class but unable to come to campus on a day when their group is assigned to be physically present, they may participate in classes via Zoom. A parent will need to call the school’s attendance line to excuse them from campus. If a student is sick and unable to participate in classes (either in person or virtually), a parent will also need to call to excuse them for the day.

Will any faculty members be teaching remotely?

Yes. A limited number of faculty members will be teaching from home due to medical accommodations. There will still be live supervision for all students who are physically present even if the teacher is not able to be in the classroom.

How will lunch work?

All multi-person tables have been removed from the dining room and upper Heath and single desks and chairs have been set up with a minimum of six feet of physical distance. Indoor dining seating will be throughout Heath Commons in the Dining Hall, Upper Heath, the Cafe and the Weissman Room, with additional seating in the Athletic Center.

Students, faculty and staff can queue in the servery, where they will be able to choose from a range of meal options. There will be markings on the floor and directions for how to move through the lunch line. They will also have the option of picking up a boxed lunch from several locations if they prefer to avoid the line. Once lunch has been selected, students will proceed to a seat in their assigned area (in the dining room, upper Heath, the cafe, Weissman Room or the Athletic Center). We will also encourage students to eat outside when the weather permits.  While eating and unmasked, students will be asked to refrain from talking if they are indoors.   

Will students be permitted to leave campus and return during the school day?

Our sign out privileges will be different this year. Seniors, who have been granted sign-out privileges will be allowed to sign out to go home only. Once a student has left campus, they will not be allowed to return. The only exception would be if a student needs to leave campus for a medical or other important appointment. Students can be granted permission for this by submitting a request to their Head Adviser in our typical routine.

If you have additional questions, please contact the appropriate Hopkins representative below.

John Roberts, Assistant Head of School

Kristine Waters, Dean of Academics

Rocco DeMaio, Director of Athletics
Student Life
Lars Jorgensen, Dean of Students
If you are a student and have questions about the upcoming school year, please reach out to your Head Adviser:

Grade 7 | Jocelyn Garrity

Grade 8 | Carrie Shea

Grade 9 | Scott Wich

Grade 10 | Lars Jorgensen

Grade 11 | Emilie Harris

Grade 12 | Marie Doval