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2010 Spring Athletic Season Awards and Accolades


The following is a summation of notable achievements and accolades earned by Hopkins varsity athletes throughout the course of the 2010 spring season.



Captains 2010:  Ryan D’Souza, David O’Brien, Evan Taylor

Captains-Elect for 2011:  Cormac Carr, Matt Luciani, Peter McGrath

Baseball Award for Leadership, Dedication and Sportsmanship:  Ryan D’Souza

Other Honors/Accolades:

-All Fairchester:  Ryan D’Souza, Matt Luciani, Darren O’Brien, Evan Taylor

-All Fairchester Honorable Mention:  Greg Volpe



Captains 2010:  Tara Gambardella, Liz Granata, Lexi Parr

Captains-Elect for 2011:  Callie Ferguson, Tara Gambardella, Lexi Parr

Softball Award for Dedication and Sportsmanship:  Liz Granata

Other Honors/Accolades:

-Western New England All Star Game:  Liz Granata

-Western New England All-League Team:  Tara Gambardella, Lexi Parr



Captains:  Andrew Kraus

Captains-Elect:  Andrew Kraus

Ralph Mertens Award for Achievement, Leadership and Character:  Andrew Kraus


Boys Lacrosse

Captain 2010:  Doug Steinberg

Captain-Elect for 2011:  Mark Festa

Most Improved Player: Tikim Coombs

Peter. H. Newcombe Award for Sportsmanship and Character: Austin DeChalus

Other Honors/Accolades:

-New England All-Star Game:  Austin DeChalus, Doug Steinberg

-Fairchester All-League:  Austin DeChalus, Pablo Guevara, Doug Steinberg

-Fairchester All-League Honorable Mention:  Mark Festa, Mike Rogers

-Western New England All-League:  Doug Steinberg

-Western New England All-League Honorable Mention:  Austin DeChalus, Pablo Guevara


Girls Lacrosse

Captains 2010:  Katie Schaffer, Norah Wallace

Captains-Elect for 2011:  Hannah Elbaum, Shelby Galvin

Girls Lacrosse Award for Achievement, Leadership, and Character:  Katie Schaffer

Other Honors/Accolades:

-New England Prep School Women’s Lacrosse All-Stars:  Shelby Galvin, Rachel Passarelli


Boys Tennis

Captains 2010:  Bobby Berkowitz, Alex Blythe, Jerrod Dobkin

Captains-Elect for 2011:  Jerrod Dobkin, Nolan Paige 

Lovejoy Memorial Award for Sportsmanship:  Russell Einbinder

 David Sears Memorial Trophy for Perseverance and Determination -- Nolan Paige

 Other Honors/Accolades:

-New England Prep School "B" Team Champions

 -FAA All-League Honors for Singles:  Brian Astrachan, Russell Einbinder, Nolan Paige

-FAA All-League Honors for Doubles:  Alec Bartimer, Michael Bartimer, Bobby Berkowitz, Jerrod Dobkin

 -USTA New England Rankings:

                Nolan Paige:  #1 boys 16 & under singles

                Russell Einbinder:  #3 boys 16 & under singles

Brian Astrachan:  #5 boys 16 & under singles


Girls Tennis

Captains 2010:  Jana Babouder-Matta, Elena Devoe

Captains-Elect for 2011:  Anisha Kurien, Gaby Cooper-Vespa

Tennis Award for Excellence, Leadership and Sportsmanship:  Jana Babouder-Matta, Gaby Cooper-Vespa

Most Improved Trophy:  Louisa (Lulu) Chua-Rubenfeld

Other Honors/Accolades:

-Suffield Invitational Champions


Boy’s Track and Field

Captains 2010:  James Cumming, Graham Beutler, Robert Young

Captains-Elect for 2011:  Justin Manley

Varick D. Harrison Award:  Graham Beutler

Other Honors/Accolades:

-Kwame Adjepong:  2nd team All-NE long jump; school record holder long jump

-Graham Beutler:  1st team all New England 200m, 400m; school record holder 200m

-Matt Klein:  1st team all NE 3000m


Girl’s Track and Field

Captains 2010:  Sarah Levine, Kayla Reardon

Captains-Elect for 2011:  Aishah Jenkins, Gemma Regan-Mochrie, Sophie Skoggard

Varick D. Harrison Award:  Sarah Levine

Other Honors/Accolades:

-Lucy Balcezak:  1st team All-New England 3000m

-Lucy King:  2nd team All-New England triple jump, long jump; school record holder triple jump, long jump


Girls Water Polo

Captains 2010: Jill Stadterman, Danielle Young

Captains-Elect for 2011: Lauryn Isford, Natalie Lapides, Elizabeth Perkins

Hopkins Girls Water Polo Award for Dedication and Love of the Game: Danielle Young

Other Honors/Accolades:

-Academic All-American: Jill Stadterman

-Hopkins Water Polo Invitational: 1st place