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School Store

Current Book Lists
Term II Book Posting
IMPORTANT: Change in book sale hours Friday, January 23.  We will only be open 10:30 - 12:00.  The other hours for the week after exams remain the same!

Please make sure to purchase the correct books for your course.  Teachers expect you to have the edition they have chosen for their course.  For section numbers (when applicable), please contact Ms. Bray via email at

Hours for book sale are:
January 12-16: 10:30 am-1:00 pm
January 20-23 (Exam Week): 10:30 am-3:30 pm

Start of Term II:
Monday, January 26: 8 am-3 pm
Tuesday, January 27: 8 am-3 pm
Wednesday, January 28: 10:30 am-1:00 pm

IMPORTANT: The store will be CLOSED Thursday and Friday, January 29th and 30th, but you
have ample time to purchase and be prepared for your classes at the start of Term II.  
But note that we will not be open for sales or returns those 2 days.

Please be sure to keep receipt in case you need to process a return.  Returns will not be allowed without a receipt.  See the column to the left for answers to other questions about book purchases at Hopkins, or contact Ms. Bray.  Thank you.
Cafe/Store Hours and Return Information 

Regular Cafe Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 7:30-10:45, then 1:00-2:45
Wednesday 7:30-10:30.  Coffee and tea will be available for faculty until 12:30
Friday 7:30-11:00, then 1:15-2:45.

Regular Store Hours:

The regular store hours will be 10:30-1:00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and we will be closed on Wednesdays. If you find you cannot manage to come in during these times, please email me.  I'm confident we can either schedule a time for you to come by, or handle the transaction over the phone, etc.  

Do I need my receipt for returns or exchanges?
Understandably, many people do choose to shop online to try to find better prices on books.  Hopkins Bookstore can only offer refunds or exchanges to those who have purchased books directly from us.  It is very important if you shop at our book sale that you keep the receipt.  If you do not have a receipt, I cannot offer you a refund.

Should I write my name in my books?
Not right away!  Sometimes, our scheduler has to switch students to different sections, so they may wind up needing different English books.  Sometimes, a teacher (this mostly applies to English) may decide to change an edition, or drop a book from their course list.  So, returns, not only from Hopkins Book Store but most other vendors are not possible if the book is written in.  Please wait to write your name in your book until you are sure you are keeping it and that your teacher is not changing anything. At that point, as books are worth a lot of money, we absolutely do advise you to write your name in it.

What forms of payment are accepted at Hopkins Book Store?
We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.  We do not accept debit cards that do not have a major credit card logo. Credit card gift cards are sometimes not accepted by our machine, so we do not recommend those, as there is a good chance we will not be able to process them.  Returned checks are subject to fees from one's bank as well as a fee from Hopkins School. Finally, returns are processed as follows:  If paid by credit card, we need to credit the card used for the purchase.  If a refund is required on a transaction made by check or cash, you will receive a refund check from our business office within two weeks.

Once school starts, can my child return books without my being present?
Yes, we understand the store hours do not allow for parents to handle book returns (and I also manage the cafe, so I am not always able to be in the store!)  If your child brings me the books and receipt, I can handle all return transactions without the parent present.  

What is needed for a credit card refund?
This year, we were able to email parents their credit card receipts from the iPads uses at checkout during book sale.  So, for a return, you do not need to send your child in with an actual card or card number.  I only need the transaction id number which is located at the bottom of the credit card receipt on the email.  The number begins with a 2.  I then need the white cash register receipt so I can mark off the prices of books already returned, and so I can total the amount of the refund.  I process the refund through our credit card system, and email you back the refund receipt and also provide a cash register receipt showing the refund.  With the transaction id, it would also be helpful to send your child in with your email address.  It is a very simple transaction if we have all the items needed.  Again, the transaction id, the white cash register receipt, and your email address.

Thank you, and please contact me with any questions or concerns via email at or at 203-397-1001 x 102.

Tracy Bray, Hopkins Book Store and Cafe Manager