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What is the Hopkins Fund?

The Hopkins Fund is the School’s yearly campaign supporting the entire Hopkins experience.  Annual gifts help to fund academics, arts, athletics, faculty support, financial aid and technology that tuition alone cannot afford. Annual Giving is the true lifeblood of the School, with an immediate and direct impact on the lives of today’s students.

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  • Participation - Why it matters

    All gifts, whether $25 or $25,000 are vital as Hopkins continues its 360 year tradition of providing an exceptional education to today's students. Participating at any level is a vote of confidence in the mission, faculty and administration. There is no better way to show your loyalty to Hopkins than with a gift to The Hopkins Fund.

    All members of the Hopkins community are asked to support the fund and when many give, regardless of the amount, the impact is huge.

    The Hopkins Fund provides support for all areas of the School, including, but not limited to Academics, Arts, Athletics, Faculty Support, Financial Aid, and Technology.

    All Hopkins students, past and present have benefitted from the budgetary support provided by the Hopkins Fund.

    All contributions are fully tax deductible.

Choose the Area that matters most to you:

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  • Academics

    Everything needed to foster a rigorous learning environment, one where students develop the work habits and intellectual curiosity of scholars.
  • Arts

    Creative pursuits where students learn by making and performing—tapping new avenues for expression and understanding.
  • Athletics

    Team and individual sports where students learn the lessons of teamwork, self-discipline, sacrifice, leadership, physical fitness and fair play.
  • Faculty Support

    Continuing learning opportunities for our talented teachers—knowledge that enriches the students in their classrooms.
  • Financial Aid

    Keeping Hopkins’ doors open to the most promising students.
  • Fund for Social Justice

    This fund provides annual grants to projects in four broad categories: student research, activism and internships, campus-wide events and speakers, and long-term programs with community partners.
  • HOPE Fund

    (Hopkins Opportunity to Preserve Education)

    This fund supports Hopkins students and families facing significant hardship and increases our emergency financial aid resources in order to ensure that all of our current students can continue their educational journeys at Hopkins.
  • Pathfinder

    Pathfinder is a fun, challenging after-school & summer program that prepares high-achieving 5th–8th graders from New Haven Public Schools to dream, learn, and succeed.
  • Technology

    The most up-to-date tools to enhance teaching and learning, from student-designed apps to the Malone Schools Online Network.
  • Where the Need is Greatest

    Flexible support that Hopkins can put right to work where it’s needed most.


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  • Q: What is the Hopkins Fund?

    The Hopkins Fund is the School’s yearly campaign supporting the entire Hopkins experience. Gifts to The Hopkins Fund have an immediate impact on our students, faculty and programs, bridging the gap between tuition revenue and the operational costs of the School. The Hopkins Fund directly supports each and every student this year by enabling the School to meet its most pressing needs, seize opportunities to strengthen critical programs and provide essential academic resources.
  • Q: Can I choose where my gift goes?

    Yes – while The Hopkins Fund supports every aspect of the Hopkins experience, you can designate your gift to the area (or areas) that mean the most to you. When making a gift to The Hopkins Fund, you can choose between Academics, Arts, Athletics, Faculty Support, Financial Aid, Fund for Social Justice, HOPE Fund, Pathfinder, and Technology. You can also select Area of Greatest Need and trust that your gift will be applied to the budget that needs support at the time you contribute.
  • Q: Doesn't tuition cover these items?

    Even full tuition pays for only a portion of the actual cost of educating a student. The Hopkins Fund, along with the Endowment, helps to fund the 18% of the budget that is not covered by tuition. Your contribution is a vital component in the financial health of the School.
  • Q: How do I make a gift?

    You can make an online gift  to Hopkins today. For more options, please visit the “Ways to Give” section.
  • Q: What is leadership giving and why does it matter?

    Hopkins has several recognition levels to show our appreciation for those leadership gifts that help to set the tone that drives the success of The Hopkins Fund. While all gifts are incredibly important to the School, last year gifts at leadership levels contributed 87% of all monies raised in The Hopkins Fund.
    The recognition levels are as follows:

    Elizabeth Lewis Day Society
    $100,000 and above

    Head of School Circle
    Walter Camp 1876 Associates
    Day Prospect Hill Associates
    Charles Ives 1894 Associates
    George Lovell Associates
    Helen Barton Associates
    Founder’s Circle

    Friends of Hopkins

    Young Alumni Leaders
    $500 or $42/month
    for Classes of 2006-2010

    $250 or $21/month
    for Classes of 2011-2016

    If you are able to support Hopkins at one of these levels, we thank you for your generosity.
  • Q: What if I can't make a leadership gift?

    That’s okay! Participating at any level is a vote of confidence in the mission of the School, faculty and administration. Last year, 21% of alumni/ae and 74% of parents supported the School with a tax deductible gift.
  • Q: Can I match my gift?

    Many companies will match your contribution as an employee/spouse, thereby doubling your gift. Please visit the "Matching Gifts" section to see if your company offers a matching gift program.
  • Q: What if I need more information?

    Please contact Charlie Rich, Director of The Hopkins Fund, with any other questions.
    Phone: (203) 397-1001 x460
    Hopkins School
    986 Forest Road
    New Haven, CT 06515