53 Things to Do at Home

When they're not studying or participating in online learning at Hopkins, here's how some students are staying busy at home. Compiled by the Hopkins Student Council
  1. “Bake and decorate a cake.” - Ava '23
  2. “Bob Ross painting tutorials” - Cole '20
  3. “GO BIKING. I recently started biking to get outdoors and stay in shape.” - Lily '23
  4. “I like to drawwwwwwww!” - Ava '24
  5. “Going on a walk, watching Netflix, or playing video games are my go to.” - Deniz '20
  6. Bored button” - Laila '23
  7. “Have a friend over and do online school from opposite ends of your dining table to practice ~social distancing~.” - Chloe '20
  8. “Puzzles” - Phil '20
  9. “People are more than welcome to stalk my Instagram. Or also watch the ‘Movies you need to watch’ type movies.” - Yahn '21
  10. “I like to hold fake Chopped episodes and FaceTime my friends while cooking.” - Emma '22
  11. “Season 3 of On my Block is out on Netflix. Also clean your room, read a book, pick up a new hobby.” - Victoria '20
  12. “Wrestle your dog.” - Serena '20
  13. “Bake, play Wii, go for hikes (self-isolate with nature), FaceTime friends, sleep, play board games, make a collage, enjoy spring outside, and make pillow forts.” - Nathan '22
  14. “Getting outside (walking or biking) so you’re not inside for so long is good.” - Will '22
  15. “Clean your room and arts and crafts.” - Zoe '20
  16. “Well right now I’m binge watching Criminal Minds, so maybe catch up on your favorite shows or movies. And take care of your friends because they might need comforting.” - Pearl '22
  17. “I’ve been going through my closet. I embroidered an old pair of pants!! They look cool I think. I’ve been drawing a lot, trying to watch all Pirates of the Caribbean, working out, and cooking a lot.” - Emi '20
  18. Wash your hands for 20 seconds. Or avoid using your phone for an hour” - Dev '23
  19. “Play board games.” - Kyle '20
  20. “I’ve been learning to play the piano. Another idea: build a fort but only out of blades of grass. And it needs to sustain 400 lbs. ” - Petey '20
  21. “Definitely group FaceTimes during frees. Or play online games like skribbl.io.” - Owen '22
  22. “I’ve already gone off the walls baking.” - Anna '20
  23. “Something I’m doing right now is not just taking up a new hobby, but trying something new that my friends also do. If you have people to do it with you almost certainly will never get bored.” - John '21
  24. “FaceTime with friends, read, eat a lot of food, then sleep.” - Jack '24
  25. “Video chat with friends.” - Diana '23
  26. “Catch up on sleep, learn how to play an instrument, keep yourself updated on the news, or go outside.” - Anika '24
  27. “Work on art for Daystar, listen to music, game nights with your family, Minecraft serves with your friends, and baking.” - Anna '20
  28. “Download a bunch of movies and play board games with your family.” - Taylor '24
  29. On my Block, season 3, friendship bracelets to give to your friends when we see each other again, adult coloring books, quality time with your pets, the Wikipedia game” - CC '20
  30. “Read a book outside.” - Jay '24
  31. “Play baseball. Play sports because it’s nice outside, make more Spotify playlists, read that book, play a ton of video games.” - Maeve '21
  32. “Izzy and I went outside and stayed a good six feet apart and took a long walk. I have been knitting, reading, practicing my cello.” - Saira '20
  33. “Hop on Facetime or video chat with your friends and play some video games or web games or even try some new Buzzfeed quizzes together.” - Maya '21
  34. “I’m just going to binge some YouTube.” - Albert '22
  35. “Try something new like watercoloring! Or find a show on Hulu with 10+ seasons. That’ll keep me entertained.” - Leah '20
  36. “Board games with your family is always epic.” - Charlie '23
  37. “My to do list is bake monkey bread and find clothes to donate.” - Amalia '23
  38. “Check your emails and spend more time interacting with your family.” - George '20
  39. “Facetime your friends, play Xbox/Ps4 with your friends, workout, spend time with your family, binge watch Netflix.” - David '21
  40. “Organize something, read, learn a TikTok dance, work on your term paper, listen to new music and binge all four Toy Story movies.” - Julia '21
  41. “Read a book or watch a movie.” - Cyrus '22
  42. “Facetime friends for virtual lunches or social distancing parties, karaoke with siblings or pets, learn to bake or cook, walks and yoga, read and listen to Beatles music!!” - Sophie '21
  43. “Learn how to code or learn a new language, call your grandparents and relatives, have a Chopped cooking competition at home with your siblings or parents, paint your nails or do a DIY face mask.” - Ella '21
  44. New York Times Crosswords” - Sarah '20
  45. “I’m actually doing a puzzle right now, which is keeping me pretty occupied. I also made some fresh pasta and was looking through some old CDs and listening to music I used to listen to, which was also a fun throwback.” - Orly '22
  46. “Learn how to juggle.” - Gunnar '20
  47. “Make mug cakes, make mac and cheese, learn how to do the worm, make your own ice cream, DIY picnic table, watch a new show, practice your spring sport, watch food videos, watch Kids Baking Championship (10/10 recommend), play Papa’s Pancakeria, bring back Fortnite” - Ellie '23
  48. “Try a new hobby like cooking or art.” - Emmett '21
  49. “Binge watch Food Network but pretend you’re one of the judges. Have a virtual dance off with your friends. Catch up on some pleasure reading. Make a smoothie. And rewatch HSM2 because it’s the best one and a masterpiece.” - Ty '22
  50. “Baking or TikTok” - Sofia '22
  51. “I say creative activities with your siblings or families. Like my sisters and I are gonna go out on walks and take pictures like we do, and do fun stuff and catch up on shows.” - Alexis '21
  52. Great British Baking Show Season 10. It’s fire.” - Julia '21
  53. "Write letters to your friends!" - Kat '20
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