Committee of Trustees

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  • About the Committee of Trustees

    The first Hopkins Committee of Trustees was appointed by the Reverend John Davenport in April, 1668. The Committee then, as now, was often referred to as the "Hopkins Board." Davenport, as principal executor of the educational trust established by Edward Hopkins, transferred his rights and responsibilities to the new committee via a deed of trust. In addition to bequeathing £412 to the Trustees, Davenport's grant set forth a number of Trustee responsibilities. First among them was the stipulation that the funds be used for a grammar school in New Haven to bring up "hopefull youths in the Languages, and other good Literature for the public use and service of their country…and for no other use, interest, or purpose whatsoever."
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2018–19 Committee of Trustees

Vincent A. Calarco
Vice President
Gwen E. Evans ’84

Lynn Jackson Quinn
Niall M. Ferguson ’92
Head of School
Kai Bynum

Eleanor C. Babbitt '76
Barry D. Blake
Nicholas Dawidoff '81
Medina Tyson Jett ’83
Donald Kendall, Jr.
Eric A. Kutcher ’92
David Leffell
Mark H. Lynch '62 HGS
Pamela C. Paulmann ’89
Barbara M. Rosiello
Peter G. Sasaki '87
Debra A. Seiter
Gregory R. Tanner ’92
Michael A. Thomas ’86
Michael W. Vranos