Adam Kreiger Adventure Program

What is an Adventure Program?

Adventure in this context provides people with an opportunity to learn something about themselves, others, and the environment around them. This can be accomplished through a number of activities that involve varying levels of strategy, cooperation, trust, and ultimately group effort. Most of the activities during a typical program take place within a few feet from the ground.  They are designed to push participants to further realize their own potential, as well as that of their group. These games, team-building initiatives and problem-solving activities make up the Challenge Course (often referred to as a 'Ropes Course'). 

Our state-of-the-art Challenge Course, located on the campus of Hopkins School in New Haven, CT was installed by Karl Rohnke, Project Adventure, Inc. and Northeast Adventure, LLC.  It has about 30 low and high elements; structures that may be made up of wires, ropes, cables, tires, and wood.  Both indoor and outdoor activities focus on a wide range of objectives which may include establishing group trust, cohesion, and/or communication. Nearly all the activities are designed to incorporate feasible challenges; physical as well as mental. Through some of the latest developments in Challenge Course technology, we are able to offer suitable and enjoyable programs for participants of all abilities. Each program differs based on the goals and objectives of the participants and will be handled at a pace that is appropriate and suitable for each respective group.

Our Community at Hopkins

As a result of Adam's legacy, our beautiful campus setting, and the enduring support of the institution that helped create AKAP, many of the people we serve are in the Hopkins Community. Since it is a vital addition to traditional classroom academics, components of AKAP are threaded through various aspects of the academic curriculum and the athletic team experience. It also provides developmental leadership opportunities for both Faculty and students on campus.
In accordance with the Hopkins mission, the Adventure Program also works to 'develop...the foundation for a lifelong love of learning' and 'nurture the development of character essential to leading a rich and purposeful life.' The foundational philosophy of AKAP is premised on a belief that many people can learn more effectively through direct experience in addition to thoughtful reflection and analysis of that experience. By providing individuals and groups with a series of sequenced team-based challenges in a safe environment, the program's goal is to build the skill set for participants to:
  • Become effective leaders
  • Find productive conflict resolution approaches
  • Be confident members of high-performance teams
  • Appreciate and take ownership of the group process
  • Understand responsibility to themselves, others, and the community
  • Encourage conscientious risk-taking beyond perceived limitations
  • Excel at their endeavors
"AKAP is a very worthy program.  It's excellent for teambuilding, creative thinking and self-confidence."   
     - Hopkins Faculty Member 

Who was Adam Kreiger?

The Adam Kreiger Adventure Program provides special opportunities that enable people of all ages to realize Adam's zest for living and to discover the courage within themselves to face the challenges in life.

Adam Marc Kreiger '91 was an active and integral student and athlete at Hopkins School. In the early 1990's, Adam was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. He vowed that his diagnosis and the surgeries that followed would not interfere with his life passions.
Over the next few years, Adam would go on to graduate from Hopkins School, enroll at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and work through his illness.
Adam had a powerful impact on those who had the honor of knowing him. Not only had he bonded a community in New Haven, CT, but he continued to transfer his spirit to those whose lives he touched in Cambridge, MA as well. Above all else, Adam wanted other people facing challenges in life to have the chance to experience their own adventure and aim to reach their full potential. Adam was an avid outdoorsman; loving the woods, the mountains and the beach. He loved rainy weather as much as sunny and loved nothing more than a good adventure.
After Adam's passing in 1993 and in honor of his profound memory and legacy, in 1994, Hopkins School, the Adam Kreiger Fund and the Greater New Haven Community joined together to create what currently exists as the Adam Kreiger Adventure Program.

Who We Serve

At Hopkins we work with:
Academic Classes - Administrative Board of Directors - Adviser Groups - Alumni/Reunion - Athletics & Informals - Bouchet Day - Breakthrough New Haven - Community Service - Junior School Activities - Junior School Student Life Program - Junior Varsity/Varsity Athletics - New Faculty Orientation - Open House - Senior Fellows - Senior Projects - Student Clubs - 7th & 9th Grade Orientation - 8th Grade Adventure Day

Adam Kreiger Adventure Program

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