Student Publications

The Razor

THE RAZOR is Hopkins' monthly newspaper. It is completely written, designed, and digitally-produced in-house, then sent to an imaging company for professional reproduction. Editors, staff, and reporters initiate and monitor design and content in observance of a detailed charter, a professional style sheet, and the laws of conscientious journalism. Training includes standards of reportage and computer layout skills; staff writers advance to editorial positions after fulfilling a series of assignments and undergoing review by senior editors. Many senior editors began their "careers" at the Junior School level and have augmented their training with attendance of the Columbia Scholastic Journalism Program, the Yale Summer Journalism Program, and other challenging sessions. THE RAZOR is proud of its alumni/ae who have gone on to professional writing and production careers, as well as its many Columbia Scholastic Press awards.
The Razor is primarily funded through subscriptions and advertising. If you wish to subscribe to THE RAZOR or have any questions, please call 203.397.1001 x252.

The Hilltopper

THE HILLTOPPER is the Junior School's newspaper and, as such, it has a special place in the "heart" of the school. At this level, students are trained in journalistic basics which augment classroom writing. For many students, it is their first chance to find a "voice" for themselves and their classmates, and the faculty advisor works hard to keep student work authentic, though correctly formed. Many students who begin with THE HILLTOPPER progress to THE RAZOR when they reach Middle School. Indeed, there are RAZOR writers and HILLTOPPER "alum" who occasionally meet with these nascent journalists to encourage their work.


DAYSTAR is Hopkins’ literary and art publication. Student editors solicit prose, poetry and visual artwork from the student body, review and edit the submissions, and layout the magazine themselves. Students know that work published in The Daystar reflects the best of Hopkins’ budding writers and visual artists.


PER ANNOS is Hopkins' yearbook. It has a long history of striving to reflect life at Hopkins beyond the traditional paradigm of a school yearbook; in fact, it hopes to reflect the annual culture of the school. Seniors are given great input into the makeup of their sections and much is done to produce a balanced profile of the school. Its editors are extensively trained by professional yearbook publishers and most PER ANNOS staffers have been in the organization for years before reaching top editorial positions. It is the nature of yearbook staff members to work long hours in anonymity before their year-end project sees daylight. This committed group is known for its diligence and its superior final product. In past years, PER ANNOS has been recognized in top yearbook competitions.
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Hopkins is a private middle school and high school for grades 7-12. Located on a campus overlooking New Haven, CT, the School takes pride in its intellectually curious students as well as its dedicated faculty and staff.