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Book Information

Information regarding book distribution for the 2020-2021 school year has been added below.  

Click here to log in and access the Online Book Sale and instructions for using it.

For used book information - the list of books being used again for the 2020-2021 school year is posted below.
Within this document, you will find a list of all titles being used again in the fall. At the end of the document, please click the link to see the Families Selling Used Books List, to find a family to purchase a used book from.

If you would like to sell a used book to another family, check to make sure the book is being used again, then email me, Tracy Bray, with the titles you want to sell.  I will add your books to the Families list so people can contact you to buy your books.  Both lists are View Only, you have to contact me to post information for you.  Thanks!


List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • How does the virtual book sale work?

    Once the visual book store opens August 17th, families will be able to login to the Hopkins site, and there will be a link for purhasing books.  This will connect to the virtual book store from Barnes & Noble College Services.  Once there, students will use their Hopkins email account to login and purchase their books.  The site is set up so only the courses matched to the student email will show up (to avoid people purchasing for the wrong course).
  • Will I receive an individual book list with all courses and books listed?

    I am sorry to say I could not create those individual lists this year.  Most of your courses will be listed on the Virtual Bookstore (with the titles required for each), and I will send separate notification of items that are only available at Hopkins.
  • Is everything I need available at the Virtual Bookstore?

    Unfortunately, no.  There are some items that are very Hopkins specific, so I will be sending separate information about those items (along with an invoice).  Some items are required, some you will be able to indicate you want to remove from your invoice and you will purchase the item lsited elsewhere.  This information will be much more detailed in your individual communication from me.  Please be patient, I hope to send everyone this information the week of the 17th.  Once we have settled on your Hopkins purchases and you have paid your invoice, I will pack a tote bag for each student with their items, and you will be able to pick those up during Orientation.  Again, this will be much clearer when you see the communication.
  • Why aren't all the courses I signed up for listed in the Virtual Bookstore?

    Some courses had materials only avaible at Hopkins.  So, you will receive information about those course requirements directly from me.  Also, not every course required a book.  Those that did not were:

    Any Art courses (except for AP Art History).
    Math 62 (Applied)
    Any Computer Science course.
  • What do the notes and tabs on my courses/books mean?

    Books were all given different designations depending on the course.  Here is a quick rundown of what you might see:

    Required, New Only - the book is required, and either the department or teacher does not permit used books, or some books have to be purchased new in order to obtain access to digital components.

    Required, New or Used - the books is required, and you may select new or used options on the site.

    Required, Previous Purchase - the book is required, but you should already have it!  Hopkins has many courses that use books for more than one year, this designation alerts you that you only should buy the book if you lost yours, or if you are a new student to Hopkins and have placede into the course.

    Messaging - several courses may require some explanation from me, so if I have posted a message, please be sure to read it and follow my directions!
  • What are the Supplements listed on my courses?

    The Supplements are suggestions from Barnes & Noble, similar to the rack at a grocery store where you might buy gum or a magazine.  They are not from your Hopkins teachers or me, and nothing listed under Supplements is required.  However, if you see anything you may like, you can certainly purchase it!
  • How do I post books on the Families Selling Used Books list?

    You don't!  I am the only one who can post books to that list.  You first check the list titled Books Being Used Again 2020.  If you have books from that list, email me at and I will post them.  Once you have sold them, please let me know and I will remove your name from the list. My hope is to allow Hopkins families to buy and sell from each other, so the buyers from the previous year recoup some of the money spent on a book, and the purchaser for the coming year saves some money on the book they need.  I recommend selling for about 1/2 the purchase price.
The School Store, located in Upper Heath Commons, carries a variety of Hopkins School branded clothing and gifts. Select items are available to purchase online, through the Online Store.

Twice during the school year, Hopkins hosts a Book Sale, where students purchase the required texts and books for their classes. The Book Sale will be conducted virtually, with all books purchased online and mailed home.  More information about the Online Book Sale will be sent to all families by August 1.