School Store

School Store

From Tuesday, May 28th through the summer, the school store is available by appointment only.  Please email me at to set a date and time you would like to come by and I will make every effort to accommodate you.  Please take a look at the online store too!  Thanks!

Used Book Information

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • How do I use the Families Selling Used Books list?

    Once I have sent the list of books being used again, I then create the accompanying Families Selling Used Book list (this will be visible May 29, 2019). Basically, that first list tells you what can be bought or sold, the second tells you to contact to buy used books from.  My hope is to allow Hopkins families to buy and sell from each other, so the buyers from the previous year recoup some of the money spent on a book, and the purchaser for the coming year saves some money on the book they need.  Once you identify a family has a book you want - simply email or call them and ask to buy it!  It is up to the purchaser to verify the book is the correct one (check the ISBN)!
  • Is it okay to purchase used books, e-texts, or rent books from an online source?

    Yes, it is typically okay. There are some books that require a bundle or some digital aspect, I will note these on your book list, as they are typically not available from a 3rd party vendor.  If you aren't sure, you should check with your teacher on the first day of classes.  In all cases, you should keep your receipts and know the return policy for the vendor you choose.

    Important - The only department that does not allow e-texts or books on Kindles or other e-readers is English. You are required to have the physical books, in new condition (no highlighting or underlining) for English courses.
  • I've searched for a book online (or had an older one from a sibling or friend) that seems to be the one needed, but the ISBN is different - can I use it?

    The answer is you can likely use it.   Often, publishers may reissue one of their textbooks with a new introduction or other minor change, but it will change the ISBN.  Odds are, your child will have no trouble using that book, but it doesn't hurt to verify with the teacher once class begins.
    Our faculty frequently request books that are bundled with an online access code of some kind, so the physical textbook may be identical to an older book, but since the online code comes with the purchase it changes the ISBN.  Again, your child should have no trouble keeping the textbook, and if the online code is used heavily in their class, we can usually have you purchase the code separately.  Feel free to send me the ISBN of the book you have or are looking to purchase, and I can help you verify if it is the correct book.
The School Store, located in Upper Heath Commons, carries a variety of Hopkins School branded clothing and gifts. Twice during the school year, the store runs the Book Sale, where students purchase the required texts and books for their classes.