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Hello, Hopkins Families!  Below is a link to the books being used again for the upcoming year (Fall 2024 - Spring 2025).  If you have any of these books from your classes this past year (2023 - 2024) and would like to sell to a student who will be taking the course your book is needed for, please email me at and indicate what book(s)you have, your contact information, and your asking price.  I will create a separate spreadsheet with this information so families can contact you and purchase your book.  Please make sure you are buying or selling the correct book - check the ISBN. Once you have sold the book, please notify me again so I can update the spreadsheet and remove your name.

Typically, you should ask for about 1/2 what you paid for the book, that way you are getting some money back, and it is helping the family purchasing. It may also be helpful to check Amazon or Barnes & Noble for books, and stay competitive with their prices. It is not likely that someone will pay $60.00 for your book when they can find it on Amazon for $30.00.  If you are not close to your buyer or seller geographically, you may wish to wait and make your sale once preseason begins later in August. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Click here for the Used Book List

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