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  • Adviser Program

    The Adviser Program involves every student and full-time teacher at Hopkins. Each adviser group consists of seven to eight students, assigned to a teacher who will be their adviser. The adviser will, primarily, promote the academic and social welfare of the students in a warm, supportive atmosphere.
  • College Counseling Office

    The College Counseling Office works primarily with juniors and seniors. Please view the College Counseling section of our site for more information.
  • The Diversity Committee

    Click here to learn about Equity & Community at Hopkins.
    Below are specific groups/individuals on campus who are responsible for diversity related work: 
    • SURE Club (Students United For Racial Equality)
    • GASP Club (Gay and Straight People)
    • HAST (Hopkins Academic Support Team)
    • Diversity Committee (made up of teachers and students)
    Director of Equity & Community: Becky Harper
  • Academic Support Program (ASP) Tutor

    The ASP Tutor addresses those students who have been identified and may be receiving accommodations for disabilities. The ASP Tutor also works with students who are experiencing difficulty with traditional classroom instruction and may need more specialized tutoring or one-on-one instruction. Time management, study skills, and organization are also addressed. The student may need help to better communicate with teachers, discuss improvement strategies with parents and therapists, and collaborate with the School's Clinical Psychologist and Professional School Counselor.
  • Extra Help

    Extra Help is available to all students from their teachers. This assistance can take place when a student has been absent for an extended period of time, before major assignments are due, or simply to reinforce classroom lessons. Students are seen as promptly as possible when they are in need of extra help, and either the student or teacher may initiate this meeting.
  • Accommodations for LD/ADD

    Accommodations for LD/ADD generally include extended time on quizzes and tests, the use of word-processing for in-class writing assignments, or enlarged text and diagrams. These modifications are made in compliance with state and federal regulations that require such measures be taken to reduce the impact of such disabilities. Each semester of the school year, the School Psychologist and the Diretor of the Academic Support Program notify the Head Adviser and teachers of students who qualify for these special accommodations.

  • The Peer Tutoring Program

    The Peer Tutoring Program is a student-run organization made up of volunteers who tutor other students in grades 7 through 12 in a specific subject. Students are matched up by free periods and by subject need, and the commitment of both the student and peer tutor is essential. Sessions usually take place once a week.


    For more information about Peer Tutoring email

The mission of the Hopkins Academic Support Program has two distinct objectives: first, to provide academic support for students enrolled in the program; and second, to provide a resource for faculty as they work with multiple learning styles and individual needs in the classroom.

The Academic Support Program provides support to all students identified by the Academic Support Team with an educational need. A referral process is in place which includes parents, teacher, adviser, and the Academic Support Team for the development of a swift and appropriate plan of action for each student. The cornerstone of our referral process is communication among all parties involved with the student. The support program offers a variety of academic services for students including: seventh grade study skills sessions (all seventh graders participate), peer tutoring, one-on-one specialized tutoring, and small group instruction. The program strives to develop each student’s ability by establishing a solid foundation in key academic areas. We seek to produce self-confident, independent learners who can advocate for and support themselves in a rigorous academic environment and also in their lives after Hopkins.

Additionally, Hopkins is a school that celebrates cultural and academic diversity. As the composition of our classrooms has become more diverse with a broader range of learners, meeting the needs of all students requires that faculty members employ a greater variety of teaching methods. As such, the Academic Support Program serves as a resource for the faculty to grow and develop their teaching methods.

Certainly the most common form of support for students is extra help provided by the classroom teacher. Sometimes, however, extra help is an insufficient or inappropriate response to a student’s difficulties. For example, if a student is having difficulty because of weak reading skills, referral to the school’s reading specialistAcademic Support Program will probably be more effective than extra help. Also, a student’s needs may exceed what a teacher can be expected to provide. For these and many other reasons, it may be necessary to enlist the help of the support services provided by the School.

The support services currently available are:
  • Hopkins Academic Support Team Program (Matthew Treat, Director of Academic Support)
  • School’s Clinical Psychologist (Susan Watson) – diagnostic testing, counseling, specialized tutoring
  • Professional School Counselor (Linda Romanchok) – counseling, specialized tutoring
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