At Hopkins, the arts are valued as integral to the development of an educated person, for they lift us out of ingrained habits and open our minds to exciting possibilities.  The arts program at Hopkins emphasizes experiential learning, taking risks, critique sessions, revision, and creative problem solving.  Finally, students have the opportunity to share their art with the community through quality presentations.  

A full slate of campus arts events – gallery exhibitions of work by professional artists, students and faculty, concerts by professional singers and musicians, Orchestra and Jazz/rock Ensemble concerts, Concert Choir programs, musical and dramatic theater productions, as well as performances by student-run a cappella and improv groups and an annual battle of the bands - fosters the feeling that art is for everyone.
Click here to visit online gallery of current student work in Visual Arts, Film, Music and Drama.

Recent Arts News

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  • HDA Presents Two One-Acts | Feb. 4 & 5

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  • Online Term 1 Student Art Show

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  • High School CMEA Regionals Winners 

    The Arts Department celebrates 20 Hopkins students who were recently accepted into the CMEA Regionals music ensembles.  This year, auditions were virtual and the festival lives on paper-only due to COVID restrictions, but the honor is all theirs!  Hopkins Regionals musicians are:
    Amanda Wang '23, Regional Orchestra
    Amelia Clark '24, Regional Band
    Amy Metrick '23, Regional Band
    Anand Choudhary '22, Regional Choir
    Anjali Subramanian '22, Regional Choir
    Brandon Faunce '22, Regional Orchestra
    Brendan Kaduboski '24, Regional Orchestra
    Christopher Hwa '24, Regional Orchestra
    Cyrus Sadedhi '23, Regional Orchestra
    Joanna Lu '22, Regional Orchestra
    Laura Colonna de Lega '22, Regional Orchestra
    Matthew Breier '22, Regional Band
    Matthew DeLaurentis '23, Regional Orchestra
    Matthew Segal '24, Regional Choir
    Nao Tomita '23, Regional Orchestra
    Nicholas Lee '23, Regional Orchestra
    Olivia Duan '22, Regional Band
    Orly Baum '22, Regional Choir
    Paula Jiang '22, Regional Band
    William Shaw '23, Regional Orchestra
    Good luck to these musicians as they go on to represent Hopkins at the 2021 All-State auditions!
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