Clubs and Activities

To learn more about one of our many clubs/activites please select from the list below.
Questions/Comments? Please contact Allison Mordas, Student Activities Coordinator.

Junior School Activities (7th & 8th grades)

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  • 3D Design and Printing

    Students will learn to design and create physical objects and then use the 3D printer to build them. This is a creative, collaborative, design-thinking and innovative activity.
  • Coding Club

    Coding Club teaches students how to make computer games, tell digital stories or make Android Apps. All levels, from absolute beginners to experts, are welcome. The activity uses Scratch and MIT APP Inventor to create and collaborate, while learning some real coding tools.
  • Community Service

    The Community Service activity exposes students to a variety of service opportunities both on and off campus. The activity hopes to inspire participants and inform participants about various local and international needs, and effective ways to educate classmates, and encourages them to donate to worthy causes. Students will team up for a shared community service effort during the activity.
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind (required)

    The purpose of the HBHM program is to share information about health and well-being
    and address questions students may have about topics that may be important to their lives. This program is not just about their physical health, but mental and emotional health as well. Grade 7 addresses: communication styles, internet and personal interactions, stress reduction, sleep and its effect on learning and memory, hygiene, and nutrition. Grade 8 addresses: exercise and its benefits, stress and how it affects one’s health, body image, tobacco, alcohol and drug use and its effects.
  • Hilltopper (J School student newspaper)

    The Hilltopper is the Junior School newspaper that offers students an opportunity to report on school events and to experience the different aspects of creating and publishing journalistic articles. Students design and write their own pieces.
  • Improvisation / Public Speaking (8th grade only)

    The improvisation and public speaking activity helps students become comfortable speaking in front of a large group by discussing good public speaking habits, rehearsing fun improvisational games that incorporate those habits and performing them for the Junior School.
  • Junior School Chorus (Fall only)

    Junior School Chorus performs at the Winter Concert held in December, as well as at the Winter Assembly. All are welcome!
  • Junior School Play (Spring only)

  • Model United Nations

    This activity is designed for students who want to learn about and discuss international topics through the lens of the U.N. It culminates with the chance to participate in a "mock" U.N. session.
  • Robotics

    In Robotics, students will learn engineering skills needed to design, build and code a robot that can complete a set of tasks. Working in teams, students will assemble hardware and code their robot using Java  programming language. They will have an opportunity to design a custom add-on piece for their robot and then participate in an in-class challenge.
  • Scrapbook (JS photo book)

    The Scrapbook is the Junior School yearbook that offers students an opportunity to learn about photography, copy writing, and graphic design. The Scrapbook is published at the end of the year and records the J School in pictures that include adviser groups, sports, activities, and trips.
  • Seventh Grade Study Skills (required 7th Grade)

    The Seventh Grade Study Skills activity meets for three weeks in September, to introduce
    students to the academic community and culture here on the Hill. Topics covered include: time management, organization, study techniques, active learning, and learning styles.

Clubs & Activities (Middle and Senior School, Grades 9-12)

The following is a list of clubs and activities for high school students at Hopkins. Many of these clubs have existed for years, while others are newer and based on student interest at the time. Students wishing to start a club may present a proposal in the spring with the support of a faculty adviser. Click on the Club name to read more about it. 

Service Clubs

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  • 1000 For Yemen

    Our club aims to bring awareness to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen by raising funds and engaging in purposeful discussion.
  • 1660 Ambassadors

    School ambassadors who support the efforts of the Alumni and Development Office in various ways including volunteering at alumni events, assisting with writing notes to thank donors, mailing out gifts to young alumni, and offering tours at on-campus events such as Alumni Weekend and Homecoming.
  • Act to Aid

    In the first few weeks, we will research lesser-known diseases and choose one to raise awareness for. Throughout the following months, we will work with organizations to fund and aid affected patients, and repeat the process with a new disease. 
  • American Heart Association Club

    This is a Hopkins club to promote CPR training with the American Heart Association by raising awareness and fundraising.
  • Beekeeping & the Maasai

    The main agenda of the club is to create a common platform for beekeeping conversations and further to understand how beekeeping projects can sustain communities in need of help like the Maasai tribes in Africa. We hope to virtually interact with Maasai schools and fundraise for beekeeping initiatives. 
  • Body Positivity: Discussion and Action Club

    The purpose of our club is to spark discussion about body positivity, raise awareness about eating disorders and obesity, and raise funds for programs that work with these issues.
  • Busking For Change

    Busking For Change raises money for various organizations (UNICEF, KEYS, etc.) by performing music both in-person and online (because of COVID).
  • Cultural Awareness and Support at Hopkins

    We believe that all minority groups and cultures deserve awareness, not just those large enough to have its own club. Our goal is to raise awareness for a variety of cultural and socioeconomic issues by educating our club members about them and fundraising for organizations who use profits to benefit the culture/issue of their choice.
  • Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship

    This club raises money to provide "micro-loans" to women in developing countries, so that they can start their own businesses and will host meetings to talk about female entrepreneurs and feminism.
  • Equal Justice Initiative Club

    The Hopkins branch of Equal Justice Initiative Club will raise money and awareness for the non-profit Equal Justice Initiative, a program that works to end mass incarceration and excess punishment in the criminal justice system and protect the human rights of vulnerable people in the criminal justice system. We will also discuss the racial and socio-economic inequalities of the justice system and the changes that need to be made.
  • Global Health Awareness Club

    Our club will be primarily focused on creatively raising funds to donate to organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Operation Smile, etc, while also discussing and spreading awareness about health issues around the world. Join for a global health blast!
  • HAAPI (Helping Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders)

    The mission of our club is to raise awareness within the Hopkins community about violence toward the AAPI community, and to raise money for individuals and families affected by the violence to show that we as the Hopkins student body care deeply about these issues. We hope to also raise money to support AAPI organizations.
  • Harmonies for Healing

    To share our music with the community in order to bring happiness to other's lives.
  • Hop Women's Literature Club

    Our club mission is to raise awareness and increase the popularity of female literary figures from the past, as well as promoting reading and writing within the Hopkins Community. We will also be raising money to benefit underprivileged women and supporting free-lance female authors through micro-loans.
  • HOP-SF (Sports Foundation)

    Our club is dedicated to fundraising money for sports organizations striving to provide kids with lessons, equipment, and clinics, that wouldn't always have the oppurinity to play sports. This allows for them to have an outlet for their energy and an escape from their everyday lives. In the future, on more natural occasions, we will strive to host events to teach these lesser fortunate children the basis of sports.
  • HopBakes

    The mission of Hop Bakes is to help other service clubs to raise money through profits from bake sales, as well as donating food to local food shelters. We also aim to be a collaborative club, where we host baking lessons and unite people under a creative cause.
  • Hopkins Against Violence and/or Gun Violence and Awareness Club

    The mission of this club will be to spread awareness about conflicts regarding guns and weaponry violence in America. We're hoping to host meetings every week for open discussions and opinions, as well as organize fundraisers (bake sales, out of school events, etc..), where proceeds would be donated to organizations such as Sandy Hook Promise and others.
  • Hopkins Natural Disaster Relief Club (NDR)

    Our mission at Hopkins NDR is to raise as much money as possible to be donated to those impacted by natural disasters around the world through money and items.
  • Immigrant Advocacy Club

    The Immigrant Advocacy Club aims to improve the quality of life of immigrants and their families. Through fundraisers and outreach opportunities, we are hoping to expand the possibility for immigrants to access resources.
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Club

    The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Club's mission is to organize and unite a Hopkins team to send, as representatives of Hopkins, to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society New Haven Chapter Fundraising Competition, where we have sent a team for the past two years! The club not only supports and fundraises with the team but also spreads awareness about blood cancers.
  • Literacy Fundraising Club

    We seek to fundraise money for charities that encourage literacy in our community and around the world.
  • Maroon Key

    Support all service-based clubs and efforts; oversee annual programs & events at Hopkins.
  • New HYTEs Outreach

    New HYTEs (New Haven Youth Tennis and Education) is an organization in New Haven dedicated to providing underprivileged youth with educational enrichment and tennis instruction. New HYTEs Outreach at Hopkins will work to develop lessons for their meetings.
  • Noodleship

    Noodleship sells Asian snacks, (pocky, CUP NOODLES, hi chew, guava candy, bubble tea(??) etc.) to the school to raise a profit. If the amount is large enough, we donate the money to a charity that we choose together as a club!
  • Pathfinder Hopkins School

    Pathfinder provides enrichment programing for New Haven Public School students and teacher training opportunities for Hopkins students in 10th-12th grade.
  • PAWS

    P.A.W.S. (Protecting Animals Worldwide Society) To raise funds and supplies for humane animal societies, both local and national. In addition, spreading awareness about the needs of animals worldwide.
  • Plarn Club

    Plarn club's mission is to turn plastic bags into sleeping mats and blankets for the homeless in New Haven.
  • Power to Play

    The mission of Power to Play is to give kids from underprivileged communities and kids with disabilities access to sports in a fun environment. We hope to do this through fundraising, events, and working with the Special Olympics.
  • Red Cross Club

    To organize campus blood drives.
  • Refugee Aid and Awareness club

    Refugee Aid and Awareness Club’s goal is to provide support to both the local and global refugee community while raising awareness understanding in our own community. We hope to raise funds as well as host speakers to further educate the Hopkins community.
  • Save the Children Club

    The Save the Children club focuses on fundraising and advocating for children's health, education, and protection worldwide! We focus on relavent issues/topics that affect children-this year our focus will be on the election (the iimportance of voting) and its effect on children.
  • SHAREing and CAREing Club

    The Hopkins SHAREing and CAREing Club is a community service club that raises money for an organization called SHAREing and CAREing. This organization provides counseling, support groups, wigs, rides to treatments, and housing to women suffering from Breast Cancer. The goal of the club is to find effective fundraising ideas that will maximize the amount of money that we can donate to the organization. We will not meet every week, but instead whenever we need to with regards to planning fundraising events.
  • Special Needs Undergraduate Swim Lessons (SNUGS)

    Special Needs Undergraduate Swim Lessons (SNUGS) is an organization that brings free, one-on-one, personalized water safety and technique clinics to children with special needs. SNUGS at Hopkins will hold fundraisers and meetings at school on ways to support SNUGS and by choice, members can feel free to participate in teaching swim lessons on the weekends.
  • Sustainability Committee (SUSCO)

    This club is for anyone interested in promoting sustainability on campus as well as climate/environmental activism! This year, we hope to advocate for more sustainable practices on campus like energy conservation and plastic reduction, as well as create instagram campaigns and challenges to promote sustainability. 
  • Sustainable Fashion

    To educate on current unethical fashion and its effects on our environment. Additionally, to promote ethical fashion and ecological integrity.

Activity Clubs

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  • A capella - Harmonaires

    Continuing the legacy of Hopkins oldest and only all male a capella group.
  • A cappella - Spirens

    One of the all female a cappella groups!
  • A cappella - Triple Trio

    One of 2 of the all female a capella groups!
  • A Novel Idea

    A Novel Idea is Hopkins' book club, where we read and discuss many different books (voted on by club members) to help us broaden our literary tastes, perspectives, and friendships!
  • Amnesty International

    Amnesty International is a human right's advocacy group. We plan events to raise awareness for human right's abuses and teach students how to be human rights advocates.
  • Asian American Student Association

    This club is for students of Asian American and Pacific Islander descent to discuss relevant issues/topics surrounding our identity, both in our individual communities and at Hopkins.
    (But don't feel overwhelmed! This is a super chill casual space!)
  • Astronomy Club

    The mission of the Astronomy Club is to foster awareness of, and interest in, the field of astronomy.
  • BLSU (Black and Latin X Student Union)

    A safe space for every one (especially people with Black and Latin X backgrounds) where we hold constant conversation about race at Hopkins
  • Chess Club

    Our mission is to spread knowledge of chess and teach it to anybody who wants to learn it. We will learn strategies, learn tactics, and compete in games and small tournaments.
  • Chinese Culture Club

    The goal of the Chinese Culture Club is to promote the understanding and appreciation of the traditions, language, and lifestyle of China. The Chinese Culture Club will also support the Stop AAPI Hate nonprofit organization.
  • Computational Linguistics Club

    Our mission is to create a welcoming community centered around one common interest, linguistic puzzles, while preparing for the national exam (NACLO) in January.
  • Creative Writing Club

    Our Mission is to give a place for the creative writers of Hopkins to work, discuss their writing, and help one another. We'll discuss poetry, plays, short stories, and other forms of creative writing, exchanging ideas and advice.
  • Crochet Club

    Last summer, Talia Chang started an organization called Crochet For Change, where she crocheted clothes and raffled them off to raise money for an important cause. Most notably, last July, we raised $1,600 for the National Black Justice Coalition. In our club at Hopkins, we want to continue the Crochet for Change initiative by teaching students how to crochet, making a sweater together as a group, and auctioning it off on social media in order to raise money for an important cause (to be decided).
  • Daystar

    The Hopkins literary arts magazine intended to solicit prose, poetry and visual artwork from the student body, review and edit the submissions, and layout the magazine for both a winter and a full-sized spring publication.
  • Debate Club

    The Debate Club is meant to facilitate necessary skills in critical thinking, public speaking, and the use of evidence to substantiate arguments through both club meetings, mock debates, and debate tournaments. We strive to create a compassionate community of debaters that can articulate themselves, understand all points of view on an issue, and think constructively about the world around them.
  • Disabled Student Union

    The Disabled Student Union (DSU) is a coalition of disabled students and allies working towards making Hopkins a safer and more welcoming space for disabled individuals. We plan to create an environment and community that listens to and amplifies the voices of disabled students, and opens up the floor for discussions of injustices on the basis of ability and how to work against that, all the while celebrating disabled culture.
  • East Asian Intangible Cultural Heritages Club

    Our goal is to promote and teach East Asian cultures and the differences and similarities between them by focusing on one or more intangible cultural heritage(s) per year. At the same time, we would bring the intangible cultural heritages into sight and prolong their existences.
  • Ethics Bowl

    Do you love The Good Place? Do you love to debate? If so, the Ethics Bowl club is for you! In the Ethics Bowl club, students will explore and discuss topics in moral philosophy and ethics, especially relating to real-world problems, ranging from dog-walking disputes to moral disagreements with family to debates about billionaire donations to save the Notre Dame. Each year, there is an Ethics Bowl competition in Connecticut sponsored through Yale (details for this year are to be confirmed) but there is no obligation to compete. The competition continues at the national level. Regardless of the status of the competition, our meetings will consist of fun debates about tricky ethical situations. Our mission is to promote the debate of ethical and moral dilemmas in the Hopkins community and potentially to compete against other local schools in the Ethics Bowl competition. Lively debate is guaranteed!
  • Fencing History Club

    This club delves into the history of fencing and how and why it evolved. Come join us and learn about the way of the sword!
  • Geography Club

    A place to play geography games and learn about current events and how they relate to geography
  • Girls Who Code

    This Hopkins club is part of a larger organization, Girls Who Code, which strives to provide girls opportunities in STEM
  • HDA - Hopkins Drama Association

    The community of Hopkins students interested in theater and the performing arts.
  • History Club

    We discuss topics ranging from the "surviving" Anastasia Romaov to trench warfare during the Battle of Petersburg in casual briefings around the table. We also participate in the National History Bowl, a history quiz bowl. Impress your friends if you like history.
  • Hop Script Writing Club

    The Hopkins Script Writing Club’s purpose is to unite those who love writing for theater! Members of this activity will write scripts, and then perform them in the club meeting time. This club is meant to spark interest in people looking to branch out in theater; as a writer, director or performer!
  • HOP SWENext

    SWENext, a branch of SWE (Society of Women Engineers) strives to introduce and give opportunities from the field of STEM to minority groups. Along with our sister club at Yale, we will bring in speakers to talk about their experiences in STEM and compete in SWE competitions. Whether you're super passionate about STEM or just have the slightest bit of interest in it, you're always welcome! 
  • Hop Top Games

    Our mission is to have fun playing board games, and build the community around us! We are meant to be an open minded and welcoming community that just shares a love of playing games together!
  • HopCodes

    Join us for conversations on computer science, coding tutorials, guest speakers, and short projects! No coding experience is required to join, and the club is open to the whole school! Follow our Instagram, @hop_codes
  • Hopkins Art Club

    A club for anyone who is interested in painting, drawing, sketching, and just any form of visual art! We will also work on projects and focus on community service!
  • Hopkins Art Society

    Our club is a Hopkins chapter of the National Art Honor Society, which was created by the National Art Education Association to enrich the visual arts in schools and their communities. The mission for our club is to encourage Hopkins students in creating and sharing their artwork on a national level in order to gain a further outreach and recognition of their artistic creations. Additionally, we will help students apply to and hopefully earn art-related scholarships and awards.
  • Hopkins Conspiracy Club

    Our club will have meetings to discuss and debate popular conspiracy theories in a safe environment where all opinions are heard, no matter how controversial they may be.
  • Hopkins Economic History and Investing Club

    The mission of the Economic History and Investing Club is to create a space for students to discuss current and past news and events related to investing and economics, as well as collectively learn more about the markets.
  • Hopkins Equestrian (HopEq)

    Our club is dedicated towards uniting the various equestrians or animal lovers at Hop! Our other goal is to raise money and awareness for the millions of horses going to slaughter
    and in need of rescue. 
  • Hopkins Esports

    The goal of Hopkins Esports is to unite students over the common interest of Esports. This club will allow for students to compete in tournaments, host scrimmages, participate in casual practices, and have fun with other students.
  • Hopkins Film Group

    The mission of this club is for lovers of film and people who want an easygoing, lighthearted way to increase their knowledge of film to meet and talk about movies. The forum will consist of regular meetings in one movie will be discussed each week.
  • Hopkins Game Show Club

    Our club mission is to teach students the strategic and mathematical mindset behind game shows, and to host game show themed fundraisers to donate money to in-need schools.
  • Hopkins Ink.

    Hopkins Ink. is a space where artists can come together to create in a judgement free group of likeminded people :)
  • Hopkins Model Congress

    The mission of Hopkins Model Congress is to encourage civil discourse, civic engagement, and a passion for government through simulations of the United States Congress.
  • Hopkins Model United Nations

    Hopkins Model UN provides students with an opportunity to participate in conferences while promoting the values of civic engagement, leadership, and cooperation.
  • Hopkins Robotics Program

    The mission of the Hopkins Robotics program is to foster a passion for robotics for all who are interested through the Thirds training team and the Maroon and Grey competition teams.

    Click here to visit the Robotics Team website. 
  • Hot Takes

    Hot Takes is a sports debate club meant to create an open and comfortable space to engage and talk about sports while also helping members practice defending their positions.
  • Italian Cooking and Culture Club

    Cooking and sharing Italian food and culture on campus through cooking events and festivals, and raising funds for our Amalfi Sister City Project.
  • Jam Club

    Jam Club is a small ensemble dedicated to helping musicians hone their improvisational skills in a fun, informal context. As the title suggests, we spend a lot of time “jamming” to our favorite songs, but we also prepare repertoire for events such as assembly performances, student showcases, and Hop Night live. Each member has an important role in pulling the pieces together and soloing, contributing their own ideas and tastes to the music.
  • JCC Forum

    The mission of our club is to operate as a space for students to learn and discuss Jewish identity and current events and to educate students on Jewish culture.
  • Korean Culture Club

    Our mission is to share Korean culture and history with anyone interested in learning about it. We will look over Korean history, board games and culture to learn from it and about it.
  • March For Our Lives Hopkins

    March For Our Lives is an organization founded by survivors of the Parkland shooting focused on ending the gun violence epidemic in America. March For Our Lives Hopkins seeks to provide a space within the Hopkins community to discuss the impacts of gun violence (mainly, but not exclusively at schools). We also hope to raise awareness around Hopkins.
  • Math Team

    Come solve fun math problems with us! We compete in the Greater New Haven Math League at five meets throughout the year, but you don't need to attend those to be part of the club.
  • Mental Health Awareness

    Mental Health Awareness Club is a safe place at Hopkins to talk about the day to day stress students may have, as well as learn about mental health conditions the students or faculty have questions about!
  • Mock Trial Club

    The Mock Trial Club familiarizes students with legal proceedings in a courtroom setting. This includes analyzing cases, learning courtroom etiquette, participating in full-scale trials.
  • Peaches - Improv Club

    Peaches, Hopkins only improv group, seeks to give its members an opportunity to practice their improvisational acting skills, as well as chances to perform at events and to encourage members of the Hopkins community to try out improv.
  • Peer Tutoring

    Hopkins Peer Tutoring is a service that helps match students with peers who have the ability to help them gain greater learning experience in a class. Peer Tutoring provides a relaxed and efficient way for students to seek the help they need in a subject, without the stress of formally meeting and talking to a teacher. The tutoring process entails the tutor meeting with their tutee once a week or every other week as they see fit to go over concepts that they struggle with. This is a rewarding experience; tutors and tutees develop friendships and connections with students they would never have known otherwise. Students can assist a student in all subjects except English (if you want help with English, visit the writing studio!). The main goal of Peer Tutoring is flexibility and comfortability, so tutors and tutees are thoughtfully matched through a database consisting of students’ schedules and free times. This year, all tutoring sessions will be virtual. 
  • Photography Club

    A community for photographers of any level to share work and hone their skills.
  • Ping Pong Club

    The mission of the club is to unite students with a common interest for ping pong and have fun. The club will meet once a week where I will host tournaments and give instruction, being a knowledgeable player.
  • Project Reach

    Working with the kids who attend the Foundation School in Orange, we strive to establish friendships with these students through fun games and activities. We have a good time while enjoying the company of our classmates and friends from the foundation school.
  • Puzzled At Hopkins

    The mission of our club is to bring the Hopkins community together to promote analytical and creative thinking by solving puzzles and brain teasers in a relaxed and fun environment. Students may also have the opportunity to compete in groups and/or individually against other students and possibly faculty members.
  • Quiz Bowl

    Our mission is to initiate and build upon a love for different disciplines, from science to mythology, in a fun Jeopardy-style environment.
  • Russian Culture Club

    The Russian Culture Club is exactly what it sounds like: a club where we learn and appreciate Russian Culture!! :) Because of COVID-19 a lot of fun activities we had planned will have to be put on hold, however, we will have fun with other activities that both virtual and on-campus students can participate in and enjoy!!
  • SAGA - Sexuality and Gender Advocates

    SAGA, Sexuality and Gender Advocates, is a safe space for advocacy of the LGBTQ+ community and their concerns.
  • Science Bowl

    Science Bowl is a jeopardy style fun quiz experience, where you use your scientific knowledege to answer questions. We are members of the SBL, a national organization that holds online competitions every weekend through Discord, and we participate in the annual, regional Science Bowl Competition at UConn (but this year we are virtual).
  • Science Olympiad

    Want to learn more about science? Want to investigate proteins, learn about forensics, ponder astronomy? Sign up to be part of the Science Olympiad club which tackles 23 different events and you can apply to be part of our competition team which will compete at a number of invitationals in addition to the state Science Olympiad competition.
  • Sneaker Club

    Our mission is to inform people about the sneaker community, and potentially make it one of their interests. Also, to teach them the potential money that can be made reselling shoes.
  • Songwriters of Hopkins (SOH)

    SOH invites songwriters of all levels to share, collaborate, and listen to original pieces of music through independent and co-writing and fun activities!
  • STEM Journal

    Our mission is to provide an outlet for students to write about various aspects of STEM in the form of a printed publication distributed to the school. We engage both middle school and high school students by accepting articles from those in grades 9-12.
  • Student Council

    To bridge the gap between students and faculty and to make Hopkins a better place for ourselves and for future generations.
  • Student Productions

    Provide alternative and student-led theater opportunities for the Hopkins community.
  • SURE - Students United for Racial Equality

    This club is for students interested in discussing and promoting social and racial justice as they relate to the Hopkins community and the world at large. Our goal is to foster dialog about these issues, as well as create a more equitable and inclusive campus. We host discussions, movie screenings, and all school events. 
  • Tetris Club

    The Tetris Club will be a combination of an activity and community service club. It will focus on organizing Tetris tournaments with the goal of fundraising or donating to different charities. The club will also meet regularly to organize the events, discuss and play Tetris, and just have fun.
  • The Fashion Club

    The Fashion Club is a collaborative activity where Hopkins students can meet and contribute their fashion design ideas, ending in a digital (or physical) "fashion show" that depicts the clothing and outfits designed during the year.
  • The Hopkins Curator

    The Hopkins Curator is a blog dedicated to music reviews, music journalism, and sharing the musical works of fellow Hopkins students.
  • The Razor - student newspaper

    The Razor is Hopkins' newspaper, committed to fact-based journalism written by students. The paper reports on Hopkins events and events in the wider world.

    Click here to read The Razor Online
  • USABO Club

    Do you like mitochondria and want to know more about then? Then join the biology club where we discuss and learn topics ranging from molecular biology to ecology! The material of this club is centered around the USABO ( Biology competition in February. We will set up study and research sessions to cover each test area in depth, or just share interesting biological facts in general for aspiring biology students!
  • Vegan+Environmentalist Group Advocating for Nature

    This club’s mission is to raise awareness of animal cruelty and the negative environmental and health impacts of the meat and dairy industries. We would also like to make lunch at Hopkins more vegan-friendly.
  • We Hear You, Hopkins Blog

    Our mission is to bring together students with common interests through the casual outlet of expression. The club gives Hopkins community members a platform on which to share anything that they are passionate about through writing. Articles are posted on our website ( for the community to read.
  • Weight Lifting Team

    This club is for anyone and everyone seeking to reach new fitness goals, regardless of what they are. We take a holistic viewpoint on fitness, and belive in a friendly environment for all so that everyone can be their best self.
  • Yearbook - Per Annos

    We are the only club that makes a 200+ page hard cover book yearly! Come help document the 2021 school year - we are always looking for ideas for what to include in the yearbook, help taking photos, and students to work on laying out pages.
  • Young Democrats

    Conversations about domestic and international political issues, campaign volunteer opportunties, and bipartisan discussions with Young Republicans. All students welcome, regardless of political affiliation.
  • Young Republicans

    Club for friendly and civil discussion about politics through a republican viewpoint.
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