Music Auditions

2021–2022 Instructions

Students wishing to participate in one of our Junior School Instrumental Music ensembles or High School Choir, Band, Jazz Band, or Orchestra courses must submit a brief placement audition recording via email or shared file. Please carefully read the following information describing the placement audition requirements. Students who play more than one instrument should submit an audition for each. Recordings should include both video and audio; please listen through your recording to make sure you are clearly audible in the video.

Instructions for Grades 9–12 Voice Placement Auditions
Please sing a piece of your choosing, no more than 3 minutes in length. Note that Choir placements are not necessary for incoming 7th and 8th graders.

Instructions for Grades 7–12 Instrument Placement Auditions

Part 1: Prepared Piece

To help us understand your technique and musicality, you are asked to record a piece of music that you have prepared. This piece can be a solo, etude, or other music selection of your choosing that features your instrument. Please record yourself playing about 1–2 minutes from your prepared piece that best shows your skill. Keep in mind that your selection shouldn’t be something that you consider very easy, nor should it be difficult for you. Rather, it should show your current technical and musical ability.

Part 2: Scale
To help us understand your sense of pitch and note relationships, please perform a concert B-flat major or D major scale on your instrument. Students may choose to play one or more octaves and may also choose to play arpeggios, though arpeggios are not required.

Your placement audition is meant to give the teacher an idea of what you’re comfortable playing and to help us find the right ensemble setting for you. Though we try to place all students who audition, we may have to limit certain instruments in our ensembles due to space and balance requirements. If you do not get your first choice ensemble, another music option will be made available to you.

Please submit your placement audition recording by 5/14/22. You may do this via email, though file size may prohibit this. You may also consider sharing a file through Google Docs, DropBox, Youtube, or another file sharing service of your choice. Recordings are kept confidential and will only be shared with Hopkins music faculty.

For voice placement auditions, please send a file or video link to Ms. Erika Schroth.

For wind/brass/percussion and all jazz auditions, please send a file or video link to Mr. Erik Elligers.

For strings and non-jazz piano auditions, please send a file or video link to Mr. Bobby Smith.

Hopkins Music Program Accepted Instruments:
French Horn
Piano* +
Guitar* +
Drum Set*
Bass* (upright or electric)

All instruments should be familiar with reading music notation.

* High school students who play these instruments may audition for the Jazz Band.

+ Due to equipment and space considerations, we can only accept a limited number of pianists and guitarists.
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