Athletic Training

The Athletic Trainers at Hopkins School are dedicated to providing quality healthcare to all students and members of the Hopkins community. We strive to maintain a healthy environment through injury recognition, prevention, management and rehabilitation. The Athletic Trainers at Hopkins value the education of the student-athlete to better accomplish safe and timely return to play.

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Meet the Athletic Trainers

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Matt Ferreira

    Matt Ferreira 

    Director of Medical Services
    203.397.1001 x514
  • Photo of Christina Balsamo

    Christina Balsamo 

    Assistant Athletic Trainer, Assistant Director of Athletics
    203.397.1001 x513
  • Photo of Jillian Gleason

    Jillian Gleason 

    Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletic Communications Coordinator
    203.397.1001 x515


List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • How does Hopkins collect student medical information?

    Hopkins uses MagnusHealth to maintain medical records for all students.  MagnusHealth can be accessed via the Parent Portal on the Hopkins website.
  • Can my child receive medication from the athletic trainers?

    Over-the-Counter Medications
    Students may receive over the counter medications from the Athletic Trainers if the over the counter medication form is filled out by their parent in MagnusHealth.
    Prescription Medications
    To take prescription medication in school, a form must be filled out by both the parent and the student's doctor and uploaded to MagnusHealth.  There is a generic form in Magnus, or you may use your doctor's form.  Students have the option to carry their own medication, except for controlled medication (i.e., stimulants, suppressants, etc.).

  • Who provides health care to the students at Hopkins?

    Hopkins employs three athletic trainers, licensed by the State of Connecticut’s Department of Public Health and nationally certified. Sometimes confused with personal trainers, athletic trainers require a higher degree of education (at least a Bachelor of Science degree) and specialize in athletic health care. Athletic trainers at Hopkins practice under the school’s consulting physicians. Hopkins’ athletic trainers Matthew Ferreira, Jillian Gleason and Christina Balsamo have over 40 years of combined experience in secondary school, clinic, and sports medicine settings.
  • If my son or daughter is injured during athletics, what can the athletic trainers do to help?

    Athletic Trainers are available for all home athletic events and offer on site assistance. Additionally, Hopkins has a well-equipped athletic training room with ice, heat, extremity whirlpools, ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation and light laser. Also, there is equipment for therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation of muscular-skeletal injuries. Return to play is based upon the athletic trainer’s assessment of the student’s level of pain, range of motion, strength and functionality.
  • If my son or daughter has a non-athletic related illness, what can the athletic trainers do?

    Medical history is taken into account in conjunction with the presence, or absence, of a fever. Children may lie down for a period of time during which they are monitored to see if their condition improves and whether they are able to return to class. If a fever is present, or if symptoms have not improved within an acceptable period of time, he or she is sent home. The athletic trainers will notify the appropriate Head Adviser or administrative assistant of the child’s status. Athletic trainers can dispense over the counter medications (i.e., acetaminophen, addaprin) to students if their Over The Counter Medication form is filled out in MagnusHealth.  Athletic trainers can dispense prescription medications if the Prescription Medication form has been uploaded to Magnus Health and approved.

Medical Resources

Medical Forms due Annually

  • Health Assessment Record
    This form is collected on a rolling basis.  Physicals are valid for 13 months.  All new students are required to submit a current physical.  We will inform you, in writing, when your child is due for a new physical.

Emergency Procedures

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