Hopkins emphasizes face-to-face communication with a strong belief in both independent and collaborative work.  Technology at Hopkins exists to help strengthen this belief. The use of Technology should be efficient, transparent and help to accomplish individual, classroom and institutional goals.  The four-member Technology Department includes a Director of Technology, an Information Security and Systems Administrator, and two Systems Support Specialists working as a team to deliver reliable, secure and first-class services.

The Internet connection we depend on is the foundation for many of the services we provide and arguably one of the most important technological decisions an institution can make. Recognizing this, Hopkins School has become a member of the Connecticut Education Network (CEN), an Internet 2 initiative connecting many schools and universities to one of the most advanced fiber networks throughout the United States. Dependent upon this Internet connection is our campus-wide, state-of-the-art, wired and wireless networks.

The adoption of Google services have introduced a scalable and flexible communication and collaborative environment.  Users can get their work done and stay connected whether they are in the classroom, traversing the campus, or while traveling. Access to the latest Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite software is also provided campus-wide.  Many of our academic departments use subject-specific software to supplement classroom work, while Nearly 100% of our classrooms have projection systems or interactive TV's with Apple TV devices.  Additionally, we are managing roughly 500 PC, Mac, and Chromebook computers across the campus.

For more than 360 years, Hopkins School has embraced what has allowed us to progress as an institution. It is the dedication and hard work of our people that deserve the credit for our advancements. The future of technology at Hopkins will continue to be shaped through careful analysis, research, and deliberation, and by how well it can address the needs of our community.

D. J. Plante
Director of Technology

Meet the Tech Team

List of 4 members.

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    D.J. Plante 

    Director of Technology
    203.397.1001 x167
  • Photo of Karl Anderson

    Karl Anderson 

    Information Security and Systems Administrator
    203.397.1001 x166
  • Photo of Anthony DiNicola

    Anthony DiNicola 

    Lead Systems Support Specialist
    203.397.1001 x134
  • Photo of Wilson Lopez

    Wilson Lopez 

    Systems Support Specialist
    (203) 397-1001 x160
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