International Applicants

While Hopkins School is able to accept applications from families living outside of the United States, it is important to clarify that we are not a boarding school nor is our program geared toward students moving to the New Haven area without a parent.

International students applying for grades 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 must meet the following criteria:

1. Evidence of English proficiency as demonstrated by the TOEFL. Hopkins School does not require a minimum total score, rather students must earn the minimum score in each section:
     • Reading: 25
     • Listening: 21
     • Speaking: 23
     • Writing: 22

2. Approved living situation. Absent extenuating circumstances, at least one parent must be planning to move to the New Haven area with the student.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions surrounding international applicants are listed to the right. Please read this section carefully before contacting the Admission Office, as we will likely direct you back to this page for responses.

International Applicant FAQ

List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • Does Hopkins School provide boarding arrangements or assist international students in finding host families?

    Hopkins School is not a boarding school. We do not provide housing for students nor do we help students find homestays or local housing. We have found that students who need boarding arrangements are not well suited in our program and, therefore, it is rare that we are able to accept international applicants whose families are not planning to move to the New Haven area.
  • What is the application process for an international student?

    In addition to the credentials required of all domestic applicants, international applicants must also take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) if their first language or the primary language spoken in their home is not English. English is the language of instruction at Hopkins and students must be able to understand rapid, idiomatic English and express themselves clearly in speech and writing.
  • Is a campus visit required?

    Every applicant, and at least one parent or guardian, must meet with a member of the Admission Committee. Upon receipt of the application, a member of the Admission Team will contact you to schedule an interview and discuss the best way to facilitate the interview with your family, either in-person or via Zoom, depending on guidelines in place at the time.
  • What are the minimum TOEFL scores that Hopkins will accept?

    International applicants must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) if their first language or the primary language spoken in their home is not English. The TOEFL is the only test that Hopkins will accept as evidence of English proficiency.

    The Admission Committee looks closely at the score for each section rather than the total. The Internet-based TOEFL exam (iBT) has four subsections, with a grading scale for each section from 1 to 30 (30 being the best possible score). The minimum for each section are as follows:
      • Reading: 25
      • Listening: 21
      • Speaking: 23
      • Writing: 22

    Please designate Hopkins School as an official score report recipient on the TOEFL registration form. Hopkins School code is 4139. More information about the TOEFL can be found at
  • Is Hopkins registered with SEVIS to issue a Form I-20? What is the cost for this?

    Yes, Hopkins is registered with SEVIS. Costs are covered by the application fee.

    VISA Information

    International students will need to apply for a visa-usually an F-1 Student Visa-through the United States Embassy or Consulate in their own country in order to enter the United States to study. The following documentation is typcially needed to complete that application.
      • A valid Form I-20 Certificate of Eligibility (Hopkins School can issue a Form I-20 after a student has been admitted and evidence of financial sulpport has been been submitted.)
    •  A passport
    •  Evidence of financial support
  • What percentage of Hopkins students are international students?

    There are currently no international students enrolled at Hopkins who are not living in the New Haven area with their family. In the past, families living outside of the United States have moved from the following countries to attend Hopkins: Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Korea, Mexico, Iceland, Italy and Spain.
  • Will Hopkins work with a placement company or educational consultant that works with international families?

    Hopkins accepts applications from individual families as well as applications submitted on behalf of applicants. That said, all applicants must fully complete the application, which includes a personal, on-campus interview.
  • Does Hopkins accept students into all grades?

    No, in general Hopkins will only accept students entering grade 7 or grade 9. We have limited spaces for grades 8 and 10 and almost never accept students into grades 11 or 12.
  • Does Hopkins accept students for one semester or one year?

    No. Hopkins academic program is designed across the full year and, therefore, students are unable to enroll for one semester. Additionally, it is the expectation of the Admission Committee that once enrolled, a student would remain enrolled through grade 12 and graduate from Hopkins unless the family were to move out of the area or the academic program was not a suitable match.
  • Can an international student receive financial aid?

    Hopkins has a generous, but limited financial aid budget and it would be extremely unlikely that we would be able to provide need-based financial aid for an incoming international student.
  • Are there fees in addition to tuition for an international student?

    Just the activities fee that is required of all students ($420), plus the cost of books ($500-$1,000) and, perhaps, transportation ($1,000-$2,500). All international families must show evidence of sufficient financial support in order to meet the minimum requirements for the visa.
  • Does Hopkins offer any specific courses or programs to support international students?

    No. Hopkins does not offer any ESL or ELL courses. All classes are taught in English (with the exception of the Modern Language courses) and at an honors level.
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