Prize Day Awards 2020–2021

The annual Prize Day Ceremony was divided into two events this year. All Grade 7–11 Prizes were awarded on June 4, 2021, and all Grade 12 Prizes were awarded on June 9, 2021. 

Below please find photos and a full video of the Grade 12 Prize Awards, which began under the tent, but had to be moved into the Athletic Center partway through the ceremony due to inclement weather. 

A slideshow of all Grade 7–11 Prizes can be found below the Grade 12 content, as well as a full list of all 2020–2021 prize recipients. 

Congratulations to all prize recipients!

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Grade 7–11 Prize Day Awards: 

All 2020–2021 Prize Day Awards

Mary Brewster Thompson Scholar – Evan Alfandre
Norman L. Stone Award – Ranease Brown
Donald Ferguson Award – Daniel Barber and Sophie Sonnenfeld
F. Allen Sherk Award – Julia An
John A. Wilkinson Award – Alexis Chang
Michael J. Theobald Prize – Ella Zuse
Gerald F. Stevens Memorial Scholarship – Noam Benson-Tilsen

Mary Brewster Thompson Scholar – Cameron Murray
George Blakeman Lovell Award – William Blumenthal
Andrew Rossetti Prize – Nati Tesfaye
Harvard Book Prize – Ava Cho
Smith Book Award – Fiona Li
Yale Book Award – Will Cooper
Wellesley College Book Prize – Mykaila Meunier
Mount Holyoke Book Prize – Nana Dondorful-Amos
Ellen Patterson Brown ’62 DPH Award – Owen Lamothe
The University of Chicago Book Award – Saraswathi Navaratnam-Tomayko
St. Lawrence University Book Award – Felipe Perez
William and Mary Leadership Award –  Pearl Miller

Mary Brewster Thompson Scholar – Joy Xu
Stanley Daggett Award – Sciana Vertusma

Mary Brewster Thompson Scholar – Florence Polak
Stanley Daggett Award – Preston Parker 

Lydia von Wettberg Award – Kainda Nzinga
Simeon E. Baldwin Leadership Award – Yuki Heeger
Kristin Ridinger Taurchini Award – Josie Lipcan

Lydia von Wettberg Award – Kofi Ward
Simeon E. Baldwin Leadership Award – Sam Ridky

Paul W. Schueler Prize for the Visual Arts – Zane Franz, Grade 12
Drama Award – Ranease Brown, Grade 12
The Charles Ives Music Prize – Noah Stein, Grade 12
Choral Music Award – Samuel Brock, Grade 12
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award – Ramey Harper-Mangels, Grade 12
Scholastic Art Award National Gold Medal in Photography – Annika Sun, Grade 11 

Clare McNamee Latin Prize – Warren Jaffee, Grade 12
Junior School Latin Prize – Claire Billings, Grade 8
Jeremiah Peck Greek Prize – Cyrus Chemery, Grade 12

Major James Dudley Dewell Letter Writing Prize – Liliana Dumas, Grade 7
Baldwin Prize Essay, Middle School – Aisha Nabali, Grade 10
Baldwin Prize Essay, Senior School – Maisie Bilston, Grade 11
John B. Smith Prize for Excellence in English in Grade 8 – Eleanor Lee
Brown University Book Award – Sophia Cerroni, Grade 11
Elizabeth Tate Prize for Excellence in English in Grade 11 – Olivia Duan
Elsie Church Award for English and Dramatics – Samuel Brock, Grade 12
Elizabeth Lewis Day Prize for Excellence in Imaginative Writing – Alexander Yuen, Grade 12
Helen Hope Barton Prize for Excellence in English in Grade 12 – Abigail Fossati 
George Gillespie Prize for Excellence in Literary Scholarship – Jack Keegan, Grade 12
The Susan E. Feinberg Prize for Excellence in Critical Thinking Through the Written Word – Jacob Ragaza, Grade 11
The Karen Lee Pritzker Prize for Creative Writing – Maisie Bilston, Grade 11

Kenneth Hopkins Rood History Prize – Julia DiMiceli, Grade 8
Julia B. Thomas History Prize – Ingrid Slattery, Grade 10
DeLaney Kiphuth Prize in History – Milo Sobel-Lewin, Grade 11
Gerald F. Stevens Award – Thomas Lasersohn, Grade 12

Edgar M. Babbitt Junior School Mathematics Prize – Kyle Zhang, Grade 8
Edgar M. Babbitt Middle School Mathematics Prize – Amy Metrick, Grade 10
Clayton Hall Mathematics Prize – Hannah Szabo, Grade 12
John M. Heath Mathematics Prize – Nora Schmitt, Grade 12

Edward R. DeNoyon French Prize – Jasmine Simmons, Grade 12
Denise M. Katz French Prize – Emma Cahill, Grade 12
The Spanish Literature Prize – Julia Davis, Grade 12
The Spanish Letters Prize – Nicholas Wilkinson, Grade 12
The Chinese Letters Prize – William McCormack, Grade 12
The Italian Letters Prize – Giovanni DiMauro, Grade 12

Aracy Belcher Biology Prize – Vittorio Montresoro, Grade 9
Harold Shelton Kirby Science Prize – Nicholas Lee, Grade 10
Rensselaer Medal – Amy Zhang, Grade 11
Josiah Willard Gibbs Prize – Jessica Hensel, Grade 12

Dorrance Award – John Stanley, Grade 12
The Hopkins Award – Fiona O’Brien, Grade 12
Robert Wyant Memorial Award – Spencer Cipriano and Dylan Matchett, Grade 12
Jerri Trulock DPH Sportsmanship Award – Ella Zuse, Grade 12
William DeGennaro Outstanding Male Athlete Award – Gonzalo de la Mora, Grade 12
Outstanding Female Athlete Award – Jasmine Simmons, Grade 12
John A. Doughan Award – Alexander Yuen and Clay Reiferson, Grade 12
Jordan William Sebastian Award – Cooper Bucklan, Maeve Stauff, Brooke Lane, Grade 12
Walter Camp Award (Junior School) – Munib Kassem, Grade 8
DPH Sportsmanship Award (Junior School) – Violet Wich, Grade 8

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