One Day at Hopkins

On October 1, 2021, we invited photographer and alum Don Hamerman ’72 to campus for the purpose of capturing a typical school day at Hopkins. There were no major events or ceremonies on the schedule, but as students entered their second month of a fully in-person school year, the curiosity, camaraderie, and enthusiasm that defines a Hopkins education was on full display. 

It was a sunny day with the weather remaining in the mid-60s throughout the shoot, and as Don visited classrooms, strolled the campus, and documented organic interactions, we were all reminded that sometimes capturing the small moments can tell us the most about what makes a place special. 

A Community of Shared Learning
Outside, students visited booths of over 100 clubs and activities and took advantage of the beautiful weather by attending classes and playing sports in the sun. Inside, students collaborated in classrooms, music rooms, study spaces, the library, and in Lovell Hall.

This article appears in the Winter 2021–2022 issue of VIEWS
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Hopkins is a private middle school and high school for grades 7-12. Located on a campus overlooking New Haven, CT, the School takes pride in its intellectually curious students as well as its dedicated faculty and staff.