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Hopkins seeks highly self-motivated applicants who are academically prepared and whose talents and intellectual curiosity will enable them to take advantage of the challenging curriculum and rich resources offered by the School.
Applications for the 2022-23 school year are now closed. The application process for the 2023-24 school year will begin in September. To learn more about Hopkins, please complete the inquiry form.

Thank you for your interest in Hopkins School.

We know that choosing a school is an important decision and we encourage you to learn all you can about our values, our programs and our community. Please know that we are committed to working together to make the admission experience as seamless as possible for you. 

Application Process

Applicants are expected to demonstrate an ability to complete a demanding course of study. Although the majority of new students are admitted to the 7th and 9th grades, applications from qualified students for other grades will be considered as space permits.
The Hopkins admission process is designed to provide the best possible opportunity for an applicant and their family to understand our school community and, at the same time, to give the Admission Committee an understanding of each applicant’s educational background and interests. The goal is to satisfy each that the right match has been made for a student’s successful education.

Step By Step Application Process

Completed between September and January 15
Research to see if Hopkins would be a good fit for your child.
Join us online or in-person to learn more about Hopkins.
Submit application for admission and, if requesting, financial aid.
Arrange for an interview (required).
Complete application by January 15.

Application Deadline

The deadline for admission is January 15. Complete and return the application, including both the Parent and the Applicant Questionnaires, and the application fee as soon as possible, but no later than January 15.

International applicants should review additional requirements before applying.

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  • Required Application Materials

    We accept two common applications, the SAO and Gateway. We have no preference which one you use. If you prefer, you can request a print application by calling the Admission Office at (203) 397-1001.

    All applications require a $75 application fee. If you need a fee waiver, please contact the Admission Office at (203) 397-1001.
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  • Admission Testing

    Admission testing is a required part of the application process, with Standardized Testing being the preferred test.  We accept either the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) or the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). Both organizations provide in-person testing, a Prometric, computer-based option for taking the exam, as well as computer-based SSAT At Home Option and ISEE At Home Option. All reservations and payments are made directly with the testing agency.
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Parent and Student Admission Interview

Every applicant, and at least one parent or guardian, must meet with a member of the Admission Committee. Upon receipt of the application, a member of the Admission Team will contact you to schedule an interview and discuss the best way to facilitate the interview with your family, either in-person or via Zoom, depending on guidelines in place at the time.

Visiting Day

We may be providing opportunities for prospective students to meet our current students virtually throughout the Fall and Winter. We will try to provide a virtual format, and we will work with you to schedule one or two classes that may be of particular interest.

International Student Requirements

While Hopkins School is able to accept applications from families living outside of the United States, it is important to clarify that we are not a boarding school, nor do we provide homestays. In general, our program is not suitable for students moving to the New Haven area unless they are moving with at least one parent.

International applicants will find more information here.

Financial Assistance

Hopkins recognizes that many families are unable to pay the full tuition. Accordingly, the School has a need-based financial aid program. Details for applying for financial aid can be found here on our website and at Financial aid applications are due at the same time as the application for admission, no later than January 15

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Hopkins School actively seeks and promotes diversity, equity and inclusion as vitally important to our present and future success, and it is inseparable from our dedication to academic excellence. The Office of Equity & Community at Hopkins, led by Becky Harper, ( is responsible for promoting a warm, welcoming culture through self-awareness, mutual respect and integrity, on and beyond the Hill. We uphold caring, compassionate and critical community members as essential to an inclusive school. Further, we seek to elevate and center historically marginalized perspectives while celebrating Hopkins’ storied history, recognizing the productive tensions held within a school both forward-thinking and rich in tradition. Accordingly, we empower our community through activities, clubs and programming; hold each other accountable to Hopkins’ core values and institutional vision; and embrace one another as lifelong learners.

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Hopkins is a private middle school and high school for grades 7-12. Located on a campus overlooking New Haven, CT, the School takes pride in its intellectually curious students as well as its dedicated faculty and staff.