Meet Joe Addison

English Teacher, Upper School
Favorite Class: Shakespeare--seeing students evolve as they go from Henry IV to Henry V to Merchant of Venice to Hamlet

Additional Roles: Head boys varsity soccer coach since 2005

Favorite Hopkins Reading: The Hilltopper, the Junior School's newspaper

Much Ado About Engaged Learning

A graduate of Amherst College, Joe Addison is in his sixth year at Hopkins School. Joe is an active member of our English department as well as a three-season coach. He also advises, helps run the annual Hopkins Spelling Bee and is an always-active presence on campus.

Joe feels fortunate to teach at Hopkins, because he knows his students are coming to class prepared and ready to engage. He comments, 'It's a joy to teach students who are eager to improve themselves, who appreciate that their skills as readers and writers are essential to whatever career they enter."

Joe also enjoys working with students because he sees them in so many different capacities. One day he's watching them on the field scoring goals, then the next day they're in his Shakespeare class talking about Hamlet. "These many attributes that Hopkins students bring make them interesting people and avid learners," says Joe. "It's exciting to interact with them in these various facets of their lives and help guide and encourage them."

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