Meet Dr. Kellie Cox

Biology Teacher, Upper School
Courses Taught: Introductory Bio, AP Bio and Contemporary Issues in Bio

Recent Author: Just wrote a book, Must Know Biology, a biology study guide

Favorite Hopkins Traditions: Five Golden Rings, Pumpkin Bowl, Spelling Bee

Must Know Biology

Dr. Kellie Cox has enthusiasm down to a science. One of the most spirited teachers on campus, Kellie is known for her active, engaging classrooms, where she makes the study of biology come alive in lively, compelling and wonderful ways.

Kellie loves how her students are motivated, and how passionate they are about learning. Her students enter the classroom each day, and they're ready to engage. She admits, "It makes my job easy, seriously. Often we teachers pause and we go, 'Wow, how lucky are we--these are the kids we get to work with?'"

It's the close bonds she shares with students that Kellie values most. An easy rapport with students makes for interesting and stimulating give-and-takes. "I'm a teacher and they're my students," she says, "but there's no wall separating us. It's just this really good relationship. It's the best part of my job."