Athletics are vital to a Hopkins education, and everyone may play team sports here. The school supports varsity squads in over 20 different sports and 79 interscholastic teams at the varsity, junior varsity, thirds, and junior school levels. Most coaches are classroom teachers, allowing them to work with our students in a variety of settings. Many students also play on intramural teams such as frisbee and basketball. Others participate in a varied recreational program that includes yoga, aerobics, and weight training.
At Hopkins, we believe that athletics is an integral part of the educational process. Similar to other departments and programs, the Athletic Department's main objective is to help students learn and grow.

In addition to obtaining the obvious physical benefits derived from frequent and appropriate exercise through the Hopkins athletic program, students develop specific game skills; learn the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play; enhance interpersonal relationships; develop a sense of self-worth; and cultivate individual potential while at the same time working and competing with others. By the time our students graduate, we want them to have gained an appreciation for the value of physical activity, which would enable them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Central to our philosophy is interscholastic team competition. For those students seeking to be a part of an interscholastic team, the department hopes to create a true educational experience for each individual. Hopkins' emphasis on team sports is intended to teach values associated with working with others. Team sports are as much mental as physical. Learning to maintain self-discipline and self-confidence during competition is one of the greatest values of athletic endeavor. As team players are continually learning advanced technical skills, they are at the same time learning invaluable life skills.