Hopkins Establishes Connection with Yali-Peicui School in China

On Tuesday, September 26, 2017, Dr. Bynum and others welcomed Mr. Li Liang, Principal of the Yali-Peicui School, to campus.  Hopkins joins the Yale-China Asscoiation and the City of New Haven in establishing a relationship with Yali-Peicui, which is located in Changsha, China, New Haven's sister City.  The Foote School in New Haven has enjoyed a relationship with Yali Middle School since 2006.

At a luncheon with Hopkins faculty and administrators in the Weissman Room of Heath Commons, Dr. Bynum and Mr. Liang spoke of shared educational values.  The luncheon also included a musical performance by Hopkins students and an exchange of gifts.

Hopkins and Yali-Peicui will host reciprocal visits of students and faculty to Changsha and New Havne, and participate in student collaborations on academic, arts and service-related projects.