Spring Break in China

During the Hopkins Spring Break, Hopkins students Kiernan Barket, Cooper Bucklan, Ashley Chin, Spencer Cipriano, Tyler Cipriano, Ethan Glazer,  Alex Hughes, Michael Laccarino, Dylan Maloy, Justin Pressman, Phoebe Schechner,  Brian Seiter,  Kate Seiter,James Schaefer, Jordan Shand, Kaila Spearman, Grace Theobald-Williams  and David Verdu embarked on a journey to China with their three teachers, Ms. Lin, Ms. Li and Mr. Smith. The trip proved to be fun, educational and eye-opening. We visited four cities in China: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Changsha.  

In Beijing, at The Forbidden City, the abiding symbol of Imperial China, we marveled at its expansive architecture, magnificent imperial gardens and its many museums housing Chinese antiquities and treasures. Climbing the Great Wall, enjoying the dramatic vistas, and marveling at the Wall as it climbs and descends steep ridges and narrow valleys, was another highlight in Beijing. We also visited the Beijing Temple of Heaven, where the emperors prayed to God for a good harvest twice a year. 

In Xi’an, we toured the over 2,000 year-old Terra Cotta Warriors and visited a terra cotta factory, where we learned how the Warriors were made. Later, students had fun bicycling on the Old City Wall and sharpened their bargaining skills with vendors at the local bazaar. Of course, the amazing dumpling banquet was enjoyed by all! 

In Shanghai, we visited the tranquil and elegant Yu Garden and enjoyed a night cruise on the Huangpu River, where we took in the night view along the river where the old and modern skylines meet in Shanghai. Besides all the other activities, we also had a chance to watch an acrobatic show, which was spectacular and truly unforgettable. 

Another highlight of the trip was the opportunity to visit our sister school, Yali Peicui Middle School in Changsha, where Hopkins students stayed with their host families and experienced authentic Chinese student life. Everyone appreciated the hospitality and warmth shown by their host families. At the school,  Hopkins students spoke with the local students, participated in activities and later played a basketball game with the Yali team. In Changsha, our students also had the wonderful opportunity to visit a Cultural Center, where our students enjoyed making soy milk by grinding beans on a millstones, learned about and participating in a Chinese Tea Ceremony, and developed their skills in bamboo weaving. 

During the trip, the food was delicious. Everyone used chopsticks and no one ever asked for a fork! By the end of the trip, everybody was an expert in using chopsticks. 

Thank you to Mrs. Lin, Mrs, Li and Mr. Smith for the incredible photos from this amazing trip.

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