Students Recognize National School Walkout Day

Today Hopkins students joined peers around the country in recognition of the National School Walkout Day to honor victims and take a stand against gun violence on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine School shooting. Students hosted an assembly which included voices from many perspectives, poetry, prose and performances, and emphasized respectful discussion throughout the day. Thank you to all the student speakers for raising their voices and sharing their poignant stories. Please see video of the assembly below.
At 10:00am, a large group of students chose to participate in a walkout. Other students chose to “come to the table” to debate the issues, at a table set up on the Big H. Later in the day students gathered in the dining room to continue the conversation amongst their peers. 
Please watch this video excerpt of Geneva Cunningham ’21, current student and Sandy Hook Elementary School survivor, reading an original poem, “The First Time.” Full video of Geneva's address can be found further down the page. 

Introduction by Madeleine Walker '19 and Jen Horkovich '18

Ella Zuse '21 and Sophie Sonnenfeld '21

Miya Segal '21 reading ”Shot Heard 'Round the Nation'"
Ben Nields '19
“Blowin’ in the Wind” - Alexis Chang ’21, Ashley Chin ’19 and Lucy Panagos ’20

Prairie Resch ’21

Sonni Fitzsimonds ’18

Naomi Tomlin ’19 reading “On October 25th, A School Demolished” by Kyle Burton ’18

Dania Zein ’21 reading “None of this is Normal” by Jenna Harris

Avi Bhaya ’18

Geneva Cunningham ’21