An Evening of Poetry Readings and Recitations

On the evening of Thursday, April 19, the Modern Language and English departments presented an evening of poetry readings and recitations in Heath Dining Room. Language students recited poems in French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese, while other students read their original poetry in English. Mike King and the dining staff provided a glorious buffet of international foods to accompany the evening.

Please watch the recitations in the videos below.

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Introduction Mr. Tilden Daniels, Modern Language Department Chair

Jonathan Schoelkopf  ‘22    时间,”Shijian” by Luo Shuangyu

Jeffrey Gu ‘18   “Ode to Masculinity”

Siraj Patwa ‘19 “El Crimen Fue en Granada” by Antonio Machado

Sophie Sonnenfeld ‘21   你是人间的四月天, “nǐ shì rénjiān de sìyuè tiān” by Lin Huiyin

Collette Mourier ‘18 “Entropy is a Conspiracy”

Cyrus Sadeghi ‘23 “L'aurore” by an anonymous algerian poet

Emilia Cottignoli  ’18 “First Snow”

Zaryah Gordon ‘19 “Me Gustas Cuando Callas” by Pablo Neruda

Zoe Butenhoff  ‘18 “Siren Song”

Sarah Lopez ‘19 “La Primavera” by Ugo Betti

Olanma Ikekpeazu ‘23 “Poème à mon frère blanc” by Léopold Sédar Senghor

Neal Sarin ‘18 “How to Live”

Lady-Karen Asamoah ‘19 “Si Mis Manos Pudieran Deshojar” by Frederico García Lorca

Alexander Harrison  ‘19 “The Martyrdom of the Cartographer”

Alejandro Lopez ‘21 “Il gelsomino notturno” by Giovanni Pascoli

Declan Goulding ‘18 “The Comfort of Our Quilts”

Lizabeth Bamgboye ‘20 你的名字 - 纪弦, “Nǐ de míngzì” by Ji Xian

Alexander Hughes  ‘19 “Daydream”

Nicole Yan ‘23 “You Dong Ting” by Li Bai

Clayton Wackerman ‘18           “Yarrow”

Chris Ruano ‘22 “Llénalo de Amor” by Amado Nervo

Mike Lazarre ‘18 “Quand le ciel bas et lourd pèse comme un couvercle” by Charles Baudelaire