HDA presents "The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket"

HDA (Hopkins Drama Association) performed The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket by Peter Parnell Thursday through Saturday, October 11–13, 2018 10/11, in Lovell Hall at 7:00pm.

Daniel Rocket tells the story of an outcast 6th grader who has an obsession with flying and a couple of secrets that he only shares with his best friend and the girl he has eyes for. He tests his best friend's trust and tries to impress the girl he likes one night while wearing his wing suit at Hatch's Cliff!

Congratulations to the cast and crew on a wonderful production!

The Rise and Rise Of Daniel Rocket
By Peter Parnell

The Cast
Griffin Congdon ‘20...Daniel Rocket
Graley Turner ‘20...Alice
Petey Graham ‘20...Richard
Lizabeth O Bamgboye ‘20...Mrs. Rice
Nate Stratton ‘19...Steven
Sam Jenkins ‘19...Roger
Joey Rebeschi ‘21...Jeffrey
Eleanor Doolittle ‘20...Penny
Maddie Mulligan ‘19...Judy
Emerson DelMonico ‘21...Claudia

Technical Crew
Michael Calderone...Director
Catherine Mason... Costume Designer
Abraham Kirby-Galen...Technical Advisor
Leul Abate ‘19...Stage Manager
Leah Miller ‘20...Asst. Stage Manager
Lexi Zyskowski ‘20 ...Light Board Operator
Burton Lyng-Olsen ‘20...Sound Design/Operator
Elizabeth (Elroy) Roy ‘20… Prop Cop
Elliot Calderone ‘22...Wing Master
Margaret Toft ‘21...Lady Behemoth
Raven Levine ‘19...Head Scenic Painter
Cici Liu ‘20...Poster/Program Design

Runners/Various Tech
Connor Davis, Drew Slager, Erin Ellbogen,
Hannah Ceisler, Lady-Karen Asamoah,
Lucas Alfaro, Ramey Harper-Mangels,
Sawyer Maloney, Talia Chang, Ty Eveland,
Zach Williamson, Zaryah Gordon

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Photos by Peter Mahakian