Hopkins' 360th Year has begun!

Dear Hopkins Families,

And we're off!

Today we begin a new year together — Hopkins' 360th. In this anniversary year, we have an opportunity to focus on a set of values and strategic objectives that will ensure that Hopkins continues to build on the success of its storied past and thrives for generations to come. As the students work toward their goals for the year, know that they have a network of teachers, advisers, coaches, and friends here to support them as they broaden their perspectives, deepen their passions, forge new connections and push beyond their comfort zones. The unique set of interests, talents, and experiences each student brings to Hopkins enriches our community, and now becomes part of our school's vibrant history.

The excitement around the opening of our new track and softball field is emblematic of the energy we feel starting this new school year (please watch the opening year video above). At assembly this morning, our students, faculty, and staff filled Walter Camp with positive spirit and enthusiasm, and it is clear that we are ready to get this year started. It was a pleasure to witness and I look forward to seeing how our community grows together this year.

Thank you for being a part of Hopkins, and let’s work together to make this our best year yet.


P.S. I'll be giving folks an inside view of Hopkins from my perspective throughout the year on Instagram. Follow me @drkaibynum.