HARPS Students Present Their Summer Research

On Tuesday, October 22, the 2018-2019 class of HARPS students (Hopkins Authentic Research Program in Science) presented posters of their summer lab research. The 16 students spent the summer as interns in labs in Connecticut and New York. The open format of the poster symposium encouraged members of the Hopkins community, including parents, faculty, staff and students, and invited guests to explore all the projects and ask questions of the student presenters. Each student spoke passionately about the project they were involved with, as well as how the experience of taking HARPS last year and spending the summer in a real research environment have effected their plans for college study and their professional careers beyond. The current 2019-2020 class of HARPS students were keen to speak with the veteran students, and gain advice on how to approach the coming year in the course.
These are the labs that students worked last summer:

Nathan Ahn worked with Dr. Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio in the Yale Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Dept.  Research Project: An Underactuated, 3D Printed, Prismatic-Revolute-Revolute Joint Hand

Simon Asnes worked with Dr. Mustafa Khoka in the Yale Genetics Dept. Research Project: Edn3 is necessary for pigmentation in Xenopus Tropicalis

Parker Connelly worked with Dr. Robert Schoelkopf in the Yale Applied Physics Dept. Research Project: An Introduction to Modern Quantum Information Theory

Aisling Kelly worked with Dr. David Calderwood in the Yale Pharmacology Dept.  Research Project: Purification and Crystallization of Anti-Silencing Function Protein 1 (Asf1)

Burton Lyng-Olsen worked with Dr. Marynel Vazquez in the Yale Engineering and Applied Science Dept. Research Project: Towards Social Robot Photography: Eliciting and Detecting Duchenne Smiles

Audrey Millar worked with Dr. Nadrian Seeman in the NYU Chemistry Dept.  Research Project: Construction of an AB fused 3-turn with a connecting duplex DNA Crystal

Saira Munshani worked with Dr. Barbara Ehrlich in the Yale Pharmacology Dept.  Research Project: Wolfram Syndrome: Investigating Target Drugs, Mood Disorder, and Protein Structure

Khelan Parikh worked with Dr. Derek Toomre in the Yale Cell Biology Dept.  Research Project: Combination of Electron and Fluorescence Microscopy to Construct a 3D Model of the Ciliary Pocket

Caroline Rocco worked with Dr. Christine Anne Denny in the Columbia Psychiatry Dept.  Research Project: Decreased memory traces found in dorsal CA3 of female Alzheimer’s Disease mice

Avi Shein worked with Dr. Nicholas Abott in the Cornell Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Dept.  Research Project: Using Diffusion in Liquid Crystals to Detect Volatile Organic Chemicals

Arushi Srivastava worked with Dr. Reina Maruyama in the Yale Physics Dept.  Research Project: HAYSTAC Phase III: Producing Rydberg Atoms with EIT using Potassium-39

George Wang worked with Dr. John Hwa in the Yale Cardiovascular Dept.  Research Project: LMO7 and GATA6 Bind Together and LMO7 Inhibits GATA6 Expression

Jake Wang worked with Dr. John Hwa in the Yale Cardiovascular Dept.  Research Project: Using immunofluorescence to study platelet activation in tumors

Vivian Wen worked with Dr. Robert Pietrzak in the Yale Psychiatry Dept.  Research Project: Burden and Clinical Profile of Social Anxiety in US Military Veterans

Veronica Yarovinsky worked with Dr. Corey O'hern in the Yale Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Dept.  Research Project: Modeling Effects of Cell Resistance to External Forces on Packing Fraction in Cell Monolayers

Yue Yin worked with Dr. Stephania Nicoli in the Yale Cardiovascular Dept.  Research Project: Effects of Substrate Stiffness and Cell Density on Expression of GTPase-activating protein-binding protein 2 (G3BP2)