Megan Red Shirt-Shaw '06 Speaks on Native American Identity

Meghan Red Shirt-Shaw '06, a member of the Oglala Lakota Tribe of Pine Ridge, South Dakota, spoke about Native American identity, culture and history at an all-school assembly on Friday, December 13.

Megan was invited to share her story by the Equity and Community Office in recognition of Native American Heritage Month, and was introduced with moving and personal remarks from Senior Eva Brander-Blackhawk '20. Megan attended Hopkins for five years, before leaving Connecticut with her family before her senior year. She shared recollections about her experience at Hopkins, and her journey to discover her true identity.

Megan delivered a thought-provoking assembly presentation that delved into the unique history and experience of Native Americans. Combined with photos of Native tribes across the country, documentary footage and personal anecdotes, Megan's talk explored how the Native American community has been perceived and represented throughout time. She urged the community to question the history they have come to know, and to ask whether there might be other voices edited out of the narrative. After her talk, Megan provided students and faculty with opportunities for more in-depth exploration, hosting Q&A breakout sessions in the Walter Camp Athletic Center.

Megan earned her M.Ed. from Harvard University and is the founder of Natives in America, an online literary magazine for Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian youth. The publication was featured on MTV News for its goal of bringing Native youth voices to the forefront of the conversation in America.