Spring Season Round Up

The following is a summation of notable achievements and accolades earned by Hopkins varsity athletes throughout the course of the 2021 spring season.
Captains 2021: Jason Chung, Teddy Glover, Dylan Matchett, Christopher Wanat
Captains-Elect 2022:  Nolan Brant, Ethan Piazza, Matthew Spenner
Baseball Award (for Leadership, Dedication and Sportsmanship): Teddy Glover
Other Honors/Accolades:
-All-FAA:  Dylan Matchett, Christopher Wanat
-All-FAA Honorable Mention:  Matt Spenner
-No I in Team Award:  Christopher Wanat
-New Haven Register All-Area Team:  Christopher Wanat
-New England Baseball Journal All-Prep Team:  Christopher Wanat
Record:  8-5
Captains 2021:  Annie Burtson, Ava Pfannenbecker
Captains-Elect 2022:  Hannah Ceisler, Piper Dove, JJ Drummond
Softball Award (for Dedication and Sportsmanship): Ava Pfannenbecker
Other Honors/Accolades:
-All-FAA:  Piper Dove, Ava Pfannenbecker
-All-FAA Honorable Mention:  Annie Burtson
Record:  5-6

Captain 2021:  Cyrus Chemery, Milan Yorke
Captain-Elect 2022:  Owen Lamothe, Dev Madhavani
Ralph A. Mertens Golf Award (for Achievement, Leadership and Character):  Milan Yorke
Other Honors/Accolades:
-All-FAA:  Ryan Coffey
-All-FAA Honorable Mention:  Milan Yorke
-5th place, NE Prep Golf Championship:  Milan Yorke
Record:  1-6
Water Polo
Captains 2021:  Brooke Lane, Prairie Resch
Captains-Elect 2022:  Leela DeSilva, Lara Jasaitis
Girls Water Polo Award (for Dedication and Love of the Game): Brooke Lane
Other Honors/Accolades:
-Academic All-American:  Prairie Resch
Record:  0-3

Track and Field
Captains 2021:  Will Cooper, Jasmine Simmons, Kaila Spearman, Yash Thakur
Varick D. Harrison Award (for Ability and Leadership):  Jasmine Simmons, Kaila Spearman, Yash Thakur

Boys Tennis
Captains 2021:  John Hui
Captains-Elect 2022:  Jeremy Pennington, Andrew Toft
David Sears Memorial Tennis Trophy (for Perseverance and Determination):  John Hui
Lovejoy Memorial Tennis Award (for Sportsmanship):  Emmett Dowd
Record:  6-2
Girls Tennis
Captains 2021: Victoria Ye
Captains-Elect 2022:  Allison Fehmel, Ellie Medovnikov, Megan Yi
Most Improved Award: Kiersten Brennan
HGDPH Girls Tennis Trophy (for Excellence, Leadership and Sportsmanship):  Victoria Ye
Other Honors/Accolades:
-All-FAA:  Katie Driscoll, Sebaga Kombo
-All-FAA Honorable Mention:  Amy Metrick 
Record: 8-1

Boys Lacrosse
Captain 2021:  Cooper Bucklan 
Most Improved Award:  Nicholas Hughes
Peter H. Newcomb Lacrosse Award (for Sportsmanship and Character): Cooper Bucklan
Other Honors/Accolades:
-All-FAA:  Zach Bleil, Cooper Bucklan
-All-FAA Honorable Mention:  Chris Babyak
-US Lacrosse High School All-American:  Zach Bleil
-Single Season Point Record Breaker:  Zach Bleil (64 points (37 goals, 27 assists) in 11 games)
Record:  6-5
Girls Lacrosse
Captains 2021:  Fiona O’Brien, Addie Priest
Captains-Elect 2022:  Marin Ciardiello, Caroline Meury
HGDPH Girls Lacrosse Award (for Achievement, Leadership and Character):  Fiona O’Brien
Other Honors/Accolades:
-All-FAA:  Mia Ciardiello
-All-FAA Honorable Mention:  Fiona O’Brien
Record:  4-5
Captains 2021:  Ella Fujimori, Clara Goulding, Joseph Hutchinson, Greysen McCormack, Tommy Wimmer
Coaches Award (for Leadership and Dedication):  Clara Goulding, Joseph Hutchinson
Other Honors/Accolades:
-1st place Boys 2000m 4+ boats, Fab 5 Conference Championships
Record:  1-0