2022 Senior Project Fair

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On Monday, May 23 members from the Class of 2022 showcased a variety of talents, interests and pursuits at the Senior Project Fair. Visitors to the fair heard from each senior about the project they pursued over six weeks. Projects ran the gamut, including original screenplays, novels and monologues, learning new skills such as crocheting, fishing and beekeeping, learning to be a pilot and a firefighter, to delving into South Asian dance performance, fashion and woodworking, to studying the benefits of video games and building one from scratch.

Matthew Breier |  Roses and Thorns    
Specifically, my proposal is to write an eight-piece short story anthology, where each story features a Gothic theme, with a plant which possesses mysterious qualities as part of the plot.

Kristine (Krista) Park |  The Things We Wear: The Making of a Bespoke Gown    
I aim to inform the greater Hopkins community about the often-overlooked and underappreciated process of fashion design and the amount of work and thought that goes into the things we wear.

Eli Calderone |  Pink & Blue (movie title)    
I will hone skills learned in Writing for Stage and Screen to finish my screenplay. I will learn to work through writer’s block by having conversations with other writers and students about how I may be able to improve my writing and concept.

Irena Komninakas  |  Kombucha Senior Project
I will make Kombucha and observe the process of Kombucha production. Additionally, I will write a report discussing my research on Kombucha’s history, tested health benefits, economic value, and the production process.

Lucas Alfaro |  Writing a Mystery Novel    
I wish to take a deep dive into the writing process through my existing work.

Eze Iheanacho |  Literature Review of African American perceptions of Africa and its people
I want to not only learn about Black history and identity, but also the process of writing a literature review. From research and writing to, hopefully, submission, I want to learn about the process and each of its steps.

Matthew Vasseur, Will Vianese |  Ski Building
Creating two pairs of skiable wood core skis from scratch using tools in the Hopkins woodshop.

Colin Gray, Liam Kelly |  Enviro-Fit
With the goal of some day starting a business making and selling sustainable clothing, we seek to learn about the manufacturing and designing processes by doing so ourselves

Sofia Karatzas |  Sof Saves the Bees
I will build hives and raise a full colony of bees throughout the spring months in order to care for, study, and collect honey from them (eventually). I will also create accounts on Instagram and Tik Tok in order to document our beekeeping experience, spread awareness, and inspire others to help save the bees.

Hannah Ceisler |  Unraveling Sudoku
I will create a better strategy to solve sudoku puzzles which I will test in sudoku competitions, hopefully improving my rank. Although improving my rank would be my ideal ultimate goal, the most important part of this project would be creating the strategy and teaching it to others.

Felipe Perez |  Firefighter Emersion Project
I am a volunteer Firefighter/EMT in my hometown Fire Company (https://durhamfirect.org) and I want to become a more effective and contributing member of the department.

Andrew Sack |  Sack Poetry Collection
Through self-regulated study and writing, I hope to produce a thoughtful, honest collection of thirteen well-edited poems to share with others in the Hopkins community.

Jai Desai |  Constructing a Durable Cricket Bat
I will construct a cricket bat that balances durability and weight to make it as game-like as possible. Its effectiveness in practice should reflect careful preparation through research about types of wood and necessary tools.

Maisie Bilston |  The Dramatic Monologue
For my senior project, then, I hope to study the dramatic monologue by tracing its history, all the way from the old English narrative poem to more modern iterations

Nate Meyers |  Designing a Hotel Chain
I wish to design an upscale, yet affordable, hotel brand focused on exposing patrons to local culture, cuisine, and eco-focused tourism activities in destinations around the world. I hope to address the economics, brand identity, and the intersection between global cultures and the hospitality industry in designing this hotel brand. This study of how the industry can be used as a way to educate and expose the world to local customs will be not only fascinating, but helpful to me as I prepare to study to become a hospitality professional.

Nataly Moravec |  Learning to Crochet
I will learn to crochet through the use of books and the internet to craft simple and complex pieces. I will keep track of my progress through photos and track different stitches and thoughts on a document.

Will Cooper, Zach Bleil, Dominic Roberts |  Model Rocket Build & Computer Modeling
We plan to design and build a model rocket. This project will be broken down into two physical building parts, each supplemented by computational parts, and one computer modeling part.

Cat Dwyer, Gisella Castagna |  Chinese Clothing Aesthetics
By researching the history of how the tangzhuang and qipao have evolved and have been made, we will learn about traditional and modern sewing techniques in order to design and sew our own tangzhuangs and qipaos. The knowledge gleaned from this project should enable us to be more proficient in making our own clothing in the future and should spread awareness at the Senior Project Fair about two of Chinese fashion’s most iconic styles.

Olivia Duan |  Cognitive Benefits of Video Gaming
I will intertwine cognitive science and game design by developing my own video game, focusing on decision-making, problem-solving, and audio-visual awareness, as well as writing a short 1 page essay on the research I’ve done on the cognitive benefits of gaming.

Zach Williamson |  Exploring Expanded Access to Montessori Education
I want to work with Elm City Montessori to learn about expanding access to Montessori education, help in their classrooms, and answer my own career-guided questions (is education something I want to pursue?).

Suthi Navaratnam-Tomayko |  dress-making
Through learning how to apply my pre existing sewing skills to making a dress, I will be able to learn more about fabrics, threads, fashion design principles, and how to create my own clothing.

Matthew Cotaj, Andrew Cotaj, Giacomo Lowenstine |  Lowenstine & Cotaj Podcast
Mental health is a topic that we as students feel is very under-represented and unspoken about in society; follow along with us as we discuss the various aspects of men’s mental health and how these components play into our lives both inside and outside of school, as well as ways in which we have coped and dealt with these issues.

Nicholas Hughes |  Learning Korean
I will learn as much Korean as possible in the course of 8 weeks. This will include using textbooks, workbooks, taking extensive notes, and keeping a detailed log of my journey.

Charlie Wich |  Ecological Discovery and Fishing
My goal for this project is to study and get hands-on experience with freshwater fishing in Connecticut and being able to share that knowledge with other people in this community.

Eesha Rao |  An Exploration of Portraiture
I will be studying portraits as well as producing 6 series of photos pertaining to the romanticization of the senior year of high school. I will be using various props, makeup, and costume in order to portray this idea.

Owen Lamothe and Juan Lopez |  More Than A Language: Translations of Moroccan and Dominican Music into Drill Beats
We will research the music of Moroccan (Owen) and Dominican (Juan) cultures through various drill beats depicting a wide variety of cultural influences.

Cameron Murray |  Exploring the Differences in Expression of Short Stories and Poetry: Translating Between Each Form
I want to translate the emotional arc of poems into short stories and translate the narrative of short stories into poems in order to study how expression changes in the two separate forms, ultimately analyzing how skills from one form can weave into the other.

Ayelet Kaminski |  Adventures in printmaking!
My goal with this project is to gain a new skill and have something to show for it. By the time of the fair, I hope to have a clothes rack full of clothing and tote bags I’ve printed on, some prints on paper, and a process journal full of my thoughts and journey.

Yuqing Ma and Jiyun Jiang |  A Collection: The Creatures of Shan Hai Jing
We plan to translate excerpts from 山海经 (Shan Hai Jing, or the Classic of Mountains and Seas, also jokingly referred to as the “Chinese Pokedex”) which is written in ancient Chinese, and create our own reimagined monsters based on the stories and descriptions in the text through illustrations and, perhaps, also clay sculpture (paper mache is currently considered as an alternative as we are told that it is easier to manipulate)

Chase Stevens-Scanlan and Leela DeSilva |  Marine Life Anatomy Scientific Illustration Journals
I will create a scientific illustration journal for the Hopkins Library that highlights the marine life of Greece, Albania, and Sri Lanka, and in the process not only teach others about this wildlife but teach myself about what it takes to be an artist and researcher.

Jessie Horkovich, Jade Aprile |  Senior Project Proposal - Covid-19
Jade and Jessie will be doing weekly research and creating a conversational and informational video to teach other young students about scientific issues that are prominent in modern day.

Amy Zhang |  Learning the Basics of Digital Art
I will learn the basics of digital art through exploring various artistic styles and expressions in a couple of artwork pieces, and share them to show people the general work process and allow them to interpret the different works for their own.

Talia Chang and Ty Eveland  |  The Tea with T&T
For our Senior Project we want to write, film, edit, and produce Hopkins’ very first Talk Show.

Will Blumenthal  |  The Path to a Solo Flight    
Although eight weeks will not be enough time to obtain my Private Pilot's License, my goal is to achieve the first benchmark on the path of getting a license: a solo flight.

Paola Frunzio, Brandon Faunce  |  Physics C Simulation Replacements    
We will create physics simulations, ideally replacing one(s) that Dr. Stewart is missing due to the original simulation being shut down. This will become a tool for physics students to use to better understand the subject material.

Haniya Farooq  |  Writing & Binding a Poetry Book
I will write, illustrate (with help), and construct my own 100-page poetry book. This process will both produce a beautiful handmade keepsake and help me develop and refine my literary and artisanal skills. As both an academic and artistic endeavor, the experience would be simultaneously intellectually and creatively fulfilling.

Maria Cusick, Pearl Miller, Anand Choudhary  |  The Senior Video
We will capture the essence of the senior class in a video, with the goal of saying goodbye and recognizing the enormous accomplishments of our peers.

Caroline McCarthy |  The Sociology of Baked Goods for the Class of 22
I will bake dishes from seven different cultures, have a test group eat and rate each one, and in the end I will compile a paper with data and interpretations to see if the students are familiar with this aspect of cultures.

Jessica Chapman  |  Creating THE Brand
After acquiring the knowledge needed to run my own LLC, I will create a “pre-launch” business plan for my own clothing brand.

Ben Jenkins |  Construction of an Electric Guitar
I will create a durable and functioning electric guitar.

Megan Yi |  Designing and Coding a Recycling App
I often find myself looking up whether something is recyclable and what the numbers in the recycling signs mean. I want to design and code an app that can educate people about recycling and motivate them to recycle.

Fiona Li  |  Chinese Cooking: Communicating the Cultural Significance of Food
I will learn how to cook homemade Chinese dishes from my mother embracing the feeling of cooking while understanding the significance of food in Chinese culture and why food is important to me. I also want to document this experience through a cookbook with my creations.

Yaqub Bajwa  |  South Asian Dance Project    
I will choreograph different South Asian dance styles, then teach them to students to make one big South Asian dance performance on campus!
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