43 Student Musicians to join the CMEA Southern Regionals Festivals

This year, Hopkins had 43 students in Grades 7-12 audition for, and win a seat in, the prestigious CMEA Southern Regional Festivals.

Each of these students prepared a demanding audition program outside of their normal ensemble repertoire, representing an extraordinary commitment on their part. All students will represent Hopkins in their respective ensembles, and high school students will go on to compete in the All-State Auditions in a few weeks.

We are so proud of these Hopkins musicians and look forward to their next accomplishments!
Middle School Regionals

Lily Lu (Bb Clarinet) 
Ethan Kim (Oboe)
Greta Lee (Bb Clarinet) 
Lewis Meyers (Cello) 
Camille Pittard (Cello) 
Emi Onorato (Mallets) 
Ellie Luo (Trombone) 
Almanzo Abraham (Violin) 
Olivia Wang (Violin) 
Youyi Zhang (Violin)
Jazz Band
Charles Clark (Jazz Bari Sax) 
Advay Garg (Jazz Guitar) 
Leehahn Namgoong (Jazz Tromb)
High School Regionals

Christopher Feng (Bb Clarinet) 
Isaac Kim (Bb Clarinet) 
Caryn Kim (Flute) 
Rohan Gottumukkala (Tenor Sax)
Avary Gomez (Alto) 
Eliana Welby (Alto) 
Mae Williams (Alto) 
David Blair (Bass) 
Ashley Deng (Soprano)  
Leilani Edusa (Soprano) 
Eleanor Lee (Soprano) 
Nia McKeithen (Soprano) 
Quinby Berry (Tenor) 
Henry Foushee (Tenor) 
Matt Segal (Tenor)
Christina Cao (Cello) 
Yuki Heeger (Cello) 
Jaden Lee (Cello) 
Jingheng Lu (Cello) 
Amelia Clark (Oboe) 
Kayla Song (Oboe) 
Thomas Sang (Snare & Accessories) 
Lena Wang (Viola) 
Alicia Cheng (Violin) 
Andrea Hendley (Violin) 
William Jang (Violin) 
Bella Li (Violin) 
Anya Mahajan (Violin) 
James O-Dowd (Violin)
Jazz Band
Lucas Llovera (Jazz Trumpet)
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