Hopkins Science Teacher Jen Stauffer Publishes Article About AI to Edutopia

Hopkins Science teacher Jen Stauffer recently published an article to Edutopia, a source of information and effective strategies for pre K-12 educators. Stauffer’s article, “Meet ‘ChemBot’: How to Design a Personalized GPT Tutor,” discusses AI's ability to act as a tutor for students. 

In her piece, Stauffer explores her development of the ChemBot, an AI model she crafted by inputting prompts into OpenAI. This innovative tool serves as “part chemical nomenclature tutor and part nomenclature practice problem maker,” offering course content and exercises for chemistry students. The custom Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) exemplifies how educators can utilize prompts to train OpenAI and build personalized classroom assistants. 

The article delves into prompt guidelines for a custom AI, such as identifying goals, defining parameters, structuring a narrow data set, and modeling a desired outcome. The result is a tailored AI assistant that enhances the learning experience for students. 

With over two decades of experience as a science educator at Hopkins School, Stauffer brings a breadth of knowledge to her role. She holds a graduate degree in chemistry from Yale University and has previously taught organic chemistry and biochemistry at Augustana College. Currently, Stauffer co-leads Hopkins's AI Committee and collaborates with Yale's Teaching and Learning Center on GenAI in education. 

“I’m grateful to have students and colleagues that are willing and eager co-explorers in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI in education.” Stauffer said. “I’m excited to continue to work alongside them at the interface of technology and learning.”

After the ChemBot article was published, Edutopia’s lead editor reached out to Stauffer, asking her to consult on a video centering around AI Literacy. Currently, Stauffer is preparing, along with Hopkins colleague Phil Stewart, for this year’s International Society of Technology in Education’s (ISTE) conference. They are presenting on strategies for adapting AI-vulnerable assignments. Stauffer is also in the planning phase of co-authoring an article with Jon Gold of Moses Brown School which stems from their collaboration on an AI resource document.

Click here to read Stauffer's article. 
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