Modern Language & Classics Awards & Recitations

At assembly on Friday, May 3, the Modern Language and Classics Departments announced the many students who earned high honors on their national language exams. Students recited poems, in person and on video, watch those offerings in the video above. 

Congratulations to all our award winners! 

2023-2024 National Latin Exam 

Over 140,000 students from all 50 states and 20 foreign countries participated in the 2024 NLE. 
At Hopkins, 199 students took the NLE,  with 134 receiving awards and recognition. Only the top scorers are named here:

13 7th graders earned Gold and Silver Medals on the Introduction to Latin Exam:  
Rohin Turaga (perfect score)
Elaine Zhou
Ally Reichart
Amy Xu
Milan Chiravuri
Christopher Dixon
Youyi Zhang
Jane Liu
Aurora Aden
Aaj Desai
Ethan Kim
Margo Beckerlegge
Elodie Lewis
Anya Huang
Heidi Li

17 Latin IB/Latin 1 students earned Gold Medals (summa cum laude) on the Beginning Latin Exam:
Olivia Wang
Aman Bakshi
Isha Seth
Ravi Camenga
Arjun DiLuna
Emi Onorato
Justin Gnidula
Jonathan Zhou
Michael Batsu
Lucy Kavanaugh
Henry Russell
John O’Connell
Susanna Becker
Eliza Chapin
Lilo Gaul
Lora Kenyon
Luannie Wang

8 students in our High School level classes earned Gold Medal (summa cum laude):
Matthew Weng
Lukas Roberts
Rueben Gitelman
Ashvin van Bladel
Kyle Abrahamsen
Claire Billings
Kyle Zhang
Ruby Meyers

Connecticut COLT Poetry Contest Results


MS 2    Luannie Wang - Gold
HS 1    Chaimatou Arouna - Gold
HS 3    Molly Powers - Silver
HS 4    Sarah Galvani-Townsend (Tie) - Bronze
HS 2    Vidwan Aryan (Tie) - Bronze

Heritage MS    Ananya Biederer - Gold
Heritage HS    Karl Bilston  - Bronze

Heritage MS    Isha Seth

HS 2    Gemma Iaccarino - Gold
HS 4    Giovanna Parnoff - Gold
Heritage HS    Tosca ffrench - Gold
HS 1    Mattea Parnoff - Silver
HS 3    Julia DiMiceli - Bronze

HS 3    Veena Scholand - Gold
HS 4    Marsden Fine - Bronze

MS 2    Isha Seth - Gold
HS 1    Kenzy Abdalla - Gold

Chinese Language Honors:

National Chinese Honor Society
Eva Carey
Daniela Delgado
Norah McPartland
Giacomo Savi
Jing Se

COLT Student Awards for Excellence
Eva Carey
Logan Matthews
Giacomo Savi
Dylan Whang
Evan Yan

The 20th National CLASS Chinese Essay Contest Gold Winners
Andrew Keisman
Benjamin Kruger
Walker Stollenwerck

French Language Honors:

National French Exam

Level 1    

Ellie Luo    Gold
Charlotte Ebenstein    Gold
Luannie Wang    Gold
Lilo Gaul    Gold
Victoria Leng    Gold
Youyi Zhang    Gold
Lily Lu    Silver
Elyssa Power    Silver
Justin Gnidula    Silver
Chaima Arouna    Silver
Aman Bakshi    Silver
Dylan A Gerard    Bronze
Aashi Karanth    Bronze

Level 2
Aubry Grant    Platinum
 Henry Schlag    Gold
Sophia Dossantos    Gold
Aurora Chevalier    Gold
Sadie Ferguson-Cormier    Gold
Anna Laganovska    Gold
Theodore Sklar    Gold
Vidwan Aryan    Silver
Alexander Sukhodolsky    Silver
Victoria Zhao    Silver
Bar Avraham    Silver
Mary-Winter Szarabajka    Silver
Emily Shaw    Silver
George Vlandis    Silver
Alexander Monin    Silver
Anvi Pathak    Silver
Hana Beauregard    Bronze
Ariel Adams    Bronze
Rose Porosoff    Bronze
Valentia Cassella    Bronze
Ella Gan    Bronze
Alice Valente    Bronze

Level 3    
Molly Powers     Gold
Moupriya Moukherjee     Silver
Christina Cao     Bronze
Claire Corwin     Bronze
Lexi Schneider     Bronze
Aniseh Siewert     Bronze
Angela Zhao     Bronze

Level 4    
Yuki Heeger    Gold
Sarah Galvani - Townsend    Gold
Guilia Crosio    Silver
Theodore Witt    Silver
Joy Kim    Silver
Roosevelt Liu    Bronze
Theo Friedman    Bronze
Martina Ponce    Bronze

Level 5     
Teo Bortan    Silver

Italian Language Honors:

Medalists: National Italian Exam

*Gold Medal Winners
** Silver Medal winners
*** Bronze Medal Winners

Italian 1
Susie Becker*
Carlos Camacho*
Eliza Chapin*
Amanda Myott*
Matthew Palsa*
Mattea Parnoff*
Livia Balkan***
Evan Galvani-Townsend**
Noa Gries**
Lilah Romeo**
Kelsey Reichart***
Anna Zhang***

Italian 2
Ryan Holden**
Jayda Robik**
Marcus Rosario**
Henry Weinstein**
Eric Fusscas***
Ilana Lewitton***

Italian 3
Julia Di Miceli*
Tosca ffrench*
Violet Wich*
Annika Aslanian**
Heather Fagan**
Arius Tamasdan**
Amalia Leite***
Maggie Russell***

AP Italian

Rik Munshi*
Giovanna Parnoff*
Claire Roberts*
Luca Angelini***
Olivia DeGregorio***
Brendan Kaduboski***
Sophia Klatell***

National Italian Exam, Top Achievers: 99-100 Percentile - $75.00 Award
ITALIAN 1 - Mattea Parnoff
ITALIAN 3 - Julia DiMiceli, Tosca ffrench, Violet Wich

Italian National Honor Society (2024 Inductees)
Annika Aslanian
Julia DiMiceli
Aoife Flanagan
Maggie Russell
Violet Wich

Spanish Language Honors:

National Spanish Exam
Spanish 1:
Carrie Lam – Gold
Ava Morello – Gold
Tessa Vandenpol – Gold

Spanish 1A:
Anya Huang – Silver
Alex Benke – Silver
Teddy Shin – Silver
Will Pizarro – Silver
Max Jacobs – Silver
Mohsen Ahmed – Silver
Chris Dixon – Silver
Willa Kennedy – Silver
Ethan Kim – Bronze
Anyaora Osakwe – Bronze

Spanish 1B:
Jonathan Zhou – Gold
Ravi Camenga – Gold
Isha Seth – Gold
Elaine Zhou – Gold
Sonali Bedi – Gold
Rohin Turaga – Gold
Zeeshan Syed – Gold
Maddie Blank – Gold
Lora Kenyon – Gold
Anoa Dawson – Silver
Greta Lee – Silver
Maanya Pathak – Silver
Aya Bajwa – Silver
Sophia Li – Silver
Rahul Modi – Silver
Arjun DiLuna – Silver
Arjun Shetty – Bronze
Dillon Coffey – Bronze
Dean Branco – Bronze
Veronica Buckley – Bronze

Spanish 2 
Liv Wang – Gold
Eliana Klane – Gold
Dylann Delgado – Gold
Noah Novemsky – Gold
Calder Resch – Gold
David Reyes – Gold
Todd Xue – Gold
Johnny Klaus – Gold
Jacob Richards – Gold
Nikhet Vallabhajosyula – Gold
Thooyan Thirumaran – Silver
Ksenia Podoltseva – Silver
Advay Garg – Silver
Leilani Edusa – Silver
Silas Kennedy – Silver
Isabella Bricker – Silver
Claire Xu – Silver
Xander Ciminiello – Silver
Sean Studley – Bronze
Karolina Jasaitis – Bronze
Bea Lundberg – Bronze
Olivia Wang – Bronze

Spanish 3
Bodhi Chiravuri – Gold
Edel Lee – Silver
Azikiwe Osakwe – Silver
Nora Brock – Silver
Julian Peccia – Silver
Justin Wang – Bronze
David Li – Bronze

Spanish 4
Alexander Skula – Gold
Nick Takoudes – Gold
Henry Foushee – Gold
Sam Ridky – Gold
Maeve Klatell – Gold
Karun Srihari – Gold
Wyatt Sloan – Gold
Alyssa Friendman – Gold
Eric Roberts – Gold
Sylvia Covaci – Silver
Zal Mody – Silver
Eli Ratner – Bronze
    • Spanish 4 Gold Medal Winners

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