Spring Season Highlights

The following is a summation of notable achievements and accolades earned by Hopkins Varsity athletes throughout the course of the 2024 spring season.  Check back for updates!
Captains 2024: Eli Balkan, Jaan Desai, Mason Sulzbach
Captains-Elect 2025:  Rocco DeMaio, Tommy O’Connell, Sean Studley
Baseball Award (for Leadership, Dedication and Sportsmanship): Eli Balkan, Jaan Desai
Other Honors/Accolades:
-First Team All-FAA:  Rocco DeMaio
-Honorable Mention, All-FAA:  Tommy O’Connell
-All-NEPSAC:  Rocco DeMaio

Record: 3-14
Captains 2024:  Amelia Clark, Ava Maccaro, Riley Studley
Captains-Elect 2025:  A’nai Alvarez, Hana Beauregard, Katie Spenner
Softball Award (for Dedication and Sportsmanship): Amelia Clark
Other Honors/Accolades:
-FAA Regular Season runners up
-FAA Tournament runners up
-FAA All-League:  A’nai Alvarez, Hana Beauregard, Amelia Clark
-Honorable Mention, All-FAA:  Ariel Adams
-Western New England All-Stars:  Hana Beauregard, Amelia Clark
-Western New England All-League:  Amelia Clark
-NEPSAC All-League:  Amelia Clark, Maeve Phipps

Record:  7-7

Captain 2024:  Ryan Coffey, Joseph Cardenas
Captain-Elect 2025:  Krish Garga, Zal Mody
Ralph A. Mertens Golf Award (for Achievement, Leadership and Character): Gunnar Pikul
MVP:  Ryan Coffey
Other Honors/Accolades:  
-Honorable Mention, All-FAA:  Krish Garga

Record:  1-11
Water Polo
Captain 2024:  Avary Gomez
Captain-Elect 2025:  Josie Lipcan, Layle Kenkare, Maggie Russell
Girls Water Polo Award (for Dedication and Love of the Game): Avary Gomez
Other Honors/Accolades:
-Honorable Mention, All-NEPSAC:  Amanda Myott 
-MVP:  Amanda Myott
-Most Offensive Player:  Josie Sirowich
-Most Defensive Player:  Emily Fridman, Layla Kenkare
-Most Improved Player:  Charlotte Jensen
-Most Inspirational Player:  Maggie Russell
-Rookie of the Year:  Anna Ivanova

Record: 2-11

Track and Field
Captains 2024:  Chris Hwa, Swarna Navaratnam-Tomayko, Alana Palmer, Preston Parker, Silas Resch, Saki Tomita
Captains-Elect 2025:  Claire Billings, Sarah Galvani-Townsend, Edson Garland, Logan Matthews, Aaliyah Padilla, Benji Porosoff, Luke Scheps, Saki Tomita
Varick D. Harrison Award (for Ability and Leadership):  Amir McFerren, Alana Palmer
Other Honors/Accolades:
-New England Championship:  Alana Palmer, 2nd place (javelin); Girls 4x400m, 6th place (Mikoto Araki-Siegenfeld, Amelia Hudonogov Foster, Saki Tomita, Claire Billings), Vivian Huang (3000m)
-School Record, Boys 4x100m (45.77; Liam Yin, Benji Porosoff, Henry Weinstein, Micah Betts)

Boys Tennis
Captains 2024:  Teo Bortan, Jay Dusza, Andy Toft
Captains-Elect 2025:  Lucio Kombo, Lucas Llovera, Alex Podoltsev
David Sears Memorial Tennis Trophy (for Perseverance and Determination):  Teo Bortan
Lovejoy Memorial Tennis Award (for Sportsmanship):  Jay Dusza
Other Honors/Accolades:
-New England Class A Semifinalists
-FAA Tournament Champions
-FAA Regular Season Runners Up
-FAA All-League:  Teo Bortan, Jay Dusza, Alexander Podoltsev, Andy Toft
-Honorable Mention, FAA All-League:  Lucio Kombo
-All-NEPSAC:  Teo Bortan
-Honorable Mention, All-NEPSAC:  Alexander Podoltsev

Record:  11-2
Girls Tennis
Captains 2024: Kiersten Brennan, Giulia Crosio, Margot Sack
Captains-Elect 2025:  Sylvia Covachi, Katie Driscoll, Claire Russell
Most Improved Award: Sophia Li
HGDPH Girls Tennis Trophy (for Excellence, Leadership and Sportsmanship):  Margot Sack
Other Honors/Accolades:
-FAA Regular Season Champions
-Undefeated Season
-FAA Tournament Co-Champions
-New England Class A Champions
-All-FAA:  Emily Driscoll, Katie Driscoll, Ksenia Podoltseva, Claire Russell, Margot Sack, Roselyn Shen
-Honorable Mention All-FAA:  Kiersten Brennan
-All-NEPSAC:  Katie Driscoll, Ksenia Podoltseva, Roselyn Shen
-NEPSAC Player of the Year:  Katie Driscoll

Record: 15-0

Boys Lacrosse
Captain 2024:  Brendan Cafferty, Eli Ratner, Toby Scheps
Most Improved Award:  Rich Fearon III
Peter H. Newcomb Lacrosse Award (for Sportsmanship and Character): Toby Scheps

Record: 1-11
Girls Lacrosse
Captains 2024:  Claire Banks, Daya Baum, Dani Lustberg
Captains-Elect 2025:  Claire Banks, Sophie Stevens-Scanlan, Violet Wich
HGDPH Girls Lacrosse Award (for Achievement, Leadership and Character): Daya Baum
Other Honors/Accolades:
-FAA 2nd Team: Claire Banks, Violet Wich
-FAA Honorable Mention: Lexi Schneider
-NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Claire Banks

Record: 2-9-1
Captains 2024:  Julia DiMiceli, Hanna Jennings, Ben Simon, Katherine Tombaugh
Captains-Elect 2025:  TBA
Coaches Award (for Leadership and Dedication): Evie Komninakas and Sierra Walters (girls); Ben Simon (boys) 
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