Employment Opportunities

The faculty and staff at Hopkins are intelligent, motivated individuals who are dedicated not only to their respective responsibilities, but to the overall mission of the School as well. There is a great sense of community among employees on campus and across all departments.

Hopkins faculty members are selected as much for their genuine interest in young people and willingness to get involved in every phase of school life as for their scholarship and teaching ability. They are intent on forming a partnership with their students in which there is a shared commitment to excellence. In addition to teaching, most faculty members advise, coach, and/or supervise a student activity. Nearly two-thirds of the faculty holds advanced degrees; others are pursuing them. Many teachers have been at Hopkins for ten years or more, which provides stability and a valuable pool of professional experience.

The Staff at Hopkins consists of administrative assistants; members of the Business, Alumni/ae & Development, Communication and Admission Offices; the Technology Department; and the Maintenance / Buildings and Grounds team. These positions represent much of the backbone of the School's operations and thus, as with faculty, these employees are selected carefully.

Hopkins School believes that all persons are entitled to equal employment opportunity, and it prohibits discrimination because of race, color, creed, sex, religion, national origin, age, gender, gender identity, genetic information, physical or mental disability, veteran status, marital or civil union status, sexual orientation and other legally protected classes or classifications.

Open Academic Positions

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Open General Employment Positions

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Contact Info

If you are interested in working at Hopkins, please use the following contacts unless otherwise noted:

Carla MacMullen
Dean of Faculty
203.397.1001 x118 or academicopening@hopkins.edu

David Baxter
Chief Financial and Operating Officer
203.397.1001 x225 or dbaxter@hopkins.edu
Rocco DeMaio
Director of Athletics
203.397.1001 x518 or rdemaio@hopkins.edu