Equity & Community

Diversity at Hopkins

Central to the School’s mission and essential to our definition of ourselves we say that Hopkins is “a community of civility and learning, one that seeks to educate students from diverse backgrounds to a full measure of their talents and humanity.” It would simplify matters if diversity were easy to define, but it isn’t. The meaning of diversity has changed throughout the course of Hopkins’ long history and it remains a changeable and multi-layered idea, since each individual is identified by a number of traits – age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic position, to name only a few. Fundamentally, Hopkins is most likely to fulfill its mission when it is full of students who can enlarge the understanding of other students, in part because of the diverse experiences and perspectives they bring. While that kind of diversity is sometimes hard to measure, it is essential to Hopkins today and guides us in our quest for an ever more talented and diverse community of learners.

Related Student Clubs & Activities

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  • Chinese Culture Club

    To learn Chinese culture and hold activies related with Chinese culture.
  • Club de Espanol

    Expand upon Spanish proficiency, fluency, & cultural understanding.
  • ERRO (Equal Rights, Respect, & Opportunities)

    To raise awareness for domestic and global gender issues and to encourage everyone to get involved.
  • French Club

    Explore, learn about and celebrate French language and culture.
  • Gems2

    Raise awareness about human trafficking as well as the global benefit of educating girls.
  • Hopkins to Hangzhou

    A joint-student publication with the Hangzhou Foreign Language School in China. To connect students, share ideas, and understand each other's views.
  • JSA - Junior Statesmen of America

    To have political debates with other high school students.
  • Model United Nations

    Train and prepare students to participate for four interscholastic competitions.
  • Monkey Business

    Provide a discussion forum for students to discuss/educate their peers on issues regarding sex, physical and mental health, and making healthy decisions as a teenager.
  • Pathfinder Hopkins School

    Offers academic skills development and preparation for and placement into college preparatory high school programs to high potential middle school students (grades 7 and 8) from New Haven public and parochial schools.
  • Philosophy Club

    Give students a venue to think outside the classroom
  • Round Table, The

    Allow students with different points of views to come together in a round table forum to share and discuss ideas about current events, political topics, and social issues.
  • SAGA - Sexuality and Gender Advocates

    Promote sexual and gender equality across the Hopkins campus.
  • Seriously Syria (Formerly Days of Rage)

    Convey the human tragedy of the Syrian Civil War.
  • SURE - Students United for Racial Equity

    To promote racial equality and diversity within the Hopkins community, and to encourage students to promote racial equality/diversity and respect amongst their peers.
  • Young Democrats

    Foster discussion about politics while volunteering to help elect democrats into public office.
  • Young Republicans

    Bring about discussion of varied political parties and the true meaning behind their mission.

Committee for Equity & Community

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