College Counseling

The primary goals of Hopkins College Counseling are:
  1. To assist students and their families in finding a number of good college "matches" - places where students would feel challenged, happy, and satisfied.
  2. To demystify the college search and application process, and to help students understand how they fit into the world of college admission.
  3. To help admissions officers to understand and appreciate the competitiveness of the Hopkins curriculum.
Students have their first official meetings with the college counselors during the winter of junior year in small group settings. Over the course of the sessions, students learn about the college search, application, and admission process. Juniors then schedule individual meetings with their college counselor. Parents are welcome to meet with their child’s college counselor once juniors have completed their small group and individual meetings. Juniors and seniors work closely with their college counselors throughout their remaining time at Hopkins.
Hopkins School utilizes Naviance, a digital planning tool that allows students to search for colleges, assess how their achievement aligns with a potential school, and track their application submission process.

Our specific "Family Connection" is a web-based resource that is only used by members of the Hopkins community. Colleges do not have access to any of the information contained in Naviance. 

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