Back to School Bash!

The Student Council organized a great evening of music, performance and fun on campus on Friday, September 28 for the annual Back to School Bash! The event featured lawn games, a cookout, a crepe truck and the talented performances of Hopkins’ own students and teachers. Congrats to all the performers and StuCo for a wonderful event!

BTSB 2018 Performers:
Better Luck Next Time – Ben Mulligan '22, Jacob Ragaza '22, Daniela Rodriguez-Larrain '23
Mach 5 – Jeremy Mao '24, Jay Maroney ‘24
Meggie Czepiel '20
Peaches – IMPROV!
LK-V-Z – Lady-Karen Asamoah '19, Zaryah Gordon '19, Victoria Aromolaran '20
Rhea Ahuja '23
Teacher Band – Musical Teachers!!
Dance Crew
Lil' Caesar – Joey Rebeschi '21
Rehab Senanu – Rehab Senanu '20, Liz Bamgboye '20, Meggie Czepial '20
Omnia – Alexis Chang '21, Miya Segal '21, Steven Broun '21, Alejandro Lopez '21

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Photos by Peter Mahakian